In this painting from the early 19th century, it illustrates how geography has played a role in the division of America because of Americans’ political beliefs on slavery during the Market Revolution. The Market Revolution economically benefited America’s progression to a prosperous nation because of the expansion of trade networks within the country and the growth of national markets. Along with the economic benefits the market revolution bought, Geography was a factor in the growing divisions between the Northern and Southern regions based on the growth of slavery abolition in the North and the acceleration of slavery in the South. This geographic division eventually led to the emergence of Americans political beliefs on slavery. The political beliefs Americans were influenced by gave them their own political identity which depended on the region they inhabited. The Northern economy was much more diversified and Northerners ran small, individual farms while it contained an industrial base. As the North began to build Mills, there was a greater demand for raw cotton in the South, which is depicted by the factory painted in the background of the painting. A majority of Americans who lived in the Northern region utilized slavery as a justification for their inherent dislike of the South. The foundation the Northern Democratic Party generally opposed slavery’s expansion to defend their industrial-based lifestyle and also they expressed their anti-confederacy sentiments. The Southern region, by contrast, lived in a climate ideal for agriculture and owned individual farms with large-scale plantations. The painting portrays the emergence and continuation of slavery from the Southern region of America because of the plantation cotton fields displayed along with captive slaves picking the cotton. Southerners that ran the economy supported slavery since slaves were most economical on large farms where cash crops, such as cotton, could be grown. In order for slavery to considered as a continuity, the Southerners established the Southern Democratic Party in 1828. The Southern Democratic Party dominated a foundation based upon the Southern states’ rights that included the custody of slavery as a weapon of political victory. This painting utilizes the essence of bright colors and the nearby factory to express the importance of the South’s agricultural lifestyle and the North’s industrial lifestyle. These differences in the lifestyle of the North and South represents the relation between America’s divided geography and citizens’ political beliefs.


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