In act 1 we are introduced to Horatio the friend of prince Hamlet. Horatio was on watchman duty with Francisco & Marcellus when they informed him about a ghost that resembled the deceased king Hamlet. He didn’t believe them and didn’t understand why they would be looking for the dead. But Later that night the ghost revisited and Horatio had the chance to see it with his own two eyes. He couldn’t believe how much the ghost resemble the king. From the armor, he used when he battled against Norway, to the frown he made when he attacked Poles. Horatio thought the presence of the ghost meant bad news for their country. With this information Horatio decide it was best to tell the prince hamlet. In Act 1 scene 4 the ghost appears to hamlet and wanted him to follow. Horatio didn’t think it’s a good idea but hamlet went anyway.  Even though hamlet let them know he would be ok, Horatio decided to follow him anyway.The fact that Horatio didn’t listen and decide to follow Hamlet shows that he is a good friend.   In act 1 scene 5 The ghost tells hamlet to get revenge for the murder of his father.  Even though Hamlet didn’t tell Horatio what was going on, he knew something was wrong by the way he was acting and speaking.  A real friend knows when something is not right and something is about to go wrong.In act 3 we began to see hamlet turn away from his family after finding out his uncle killed his father. We begin to see Horatio as being the only “family” Hamlet has after his family begin to turn on him.  In act 3 scene 2 Hamlet lets Horatio know his plans. Which lets us know that Horatio is the one person that hamlet can trust and confides in personally. He serves Hamlet with his emotional support, rationality, and unwavering loyalty.I would describe the relationship between hamlet and Horatio as one sided.  Hamlet knew that Horatio offered rational and thoughtful perspective to their friendship and his problems. Horatio was there by his side though the family beef, the message from the ghost, and the killing of his father. The friendship was more beneficial to hamlet then its for Horatio.       


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