In 2018 the age of computersand endless accessible information, academic integrity is very important. Plagiarismis only one way of violating the student code of academic integrity. You couldbe making violations without even knowing. As we all know it is up to studentsto take control of their education, and that’s why it’s important to spreadthis information to students and eliminate violations as much as possible. Another way you couldcommit a violation of the academic integrity code is fabrication. That would bealtering or even completely making up facts to support an argument.

Thisincludes making up citations. You should only use legitimate facts to supportany of your statements. Integrity in general should be used in all aspects oflife. Just because you have a paper due in a couple hours doesn’t mean you haveto compromise your strong morals and just be honest and sty prepared. That isthe best way to avoid having to get punished for violating at the University ofPhoenix.

If you have written a paper in a previous class and use that paper orand inserts from that paper you should cite your current paper. Self-plagiarismis also an infraction of the code. What if you have a friend who does this oreven worse claims to help you but does this dishonestly, that is calledcollusion if you knowing allow someone to disregard the code. There are plenty ofplaces for you to go to check for plagiarism. There is a checker on the Universityof Phoenix Website that the instructors use as well to double check somethingthat you might have seem to miss. The most important part is stay prepared. Ifyou take detailed notes with cites already on them it’ll be easier to come backand actually write a paper that will get an honest grade. That resource is themost useful to me because I know the instructors use it and if it reads that I’mcoming up with original material, I know it will show up the same for myteacher.

Integrity is important to have in life. People need to know that evenwhen they are not looking, that you are doing the right things. Just as inschool this very important to your employers. They need to know that you aretrying you best at the work place and that you would commit any illegal/ethicalcrimes.

If you would have something like committing plagiarism at school whatwould your job think of you? You can also use


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