In the United States approximately three hundred millionfirearms held by citizens in their homes. In most of crime committed in lastdecade almost in every crime gun played major part because it is very easy tocommit crime if you have gun and second amendment gives basic right to everycivilian that they can keep firearms. In todays society many people passingthrough depression and mental illness. In many case, under such depression andcircumstances person taking up gun and killed so many innocent people.

Furtheranalysis of the data show that young people are many times more likely to bekilled by a firearm in the United States than in any other developed country. Many¬† immature young teenager don’t have any ideawhat is right and wrong. In certain depression or under such influence theytaking up gun and commit crime. In last few year, so many cases came in frontof us where mostly young people involved in mass shooting Because they easilyget gun from their parent. Second amendment established in 1789 for the purposeof self defense but after that humans invent more powerful firearm like machineguns which is lethal and have capacity to kill more people in one second due tohigh fire rate . In Major mass shooting where criminal used these kind of highprofile automatic machine gun.

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By using these kind of machine gun criminal killmore people than handgun and rifle which was invented before 1789 when secondamendment adopted by united states. After almost two and half century UnitedStates is still following it as a basic right. United states should reconsiderit when world is continuously inventing more damageable firearms and they needto follow how Australia control their gun culture.

The country with more guns have high number of homicidesthan other country. which indicate that gun always main factor in increasenumber of homicide attack. As per statistics we compare united states withother country considering total percentage of gun related killing of allhomicides United States have highest gun related killing in all developed countries.

This numbers are very high and it is indicating the worst situations.In second graphwe can see that In US out of 100 people 90 have firearm. Australia have 13 percent gun related killing becauseAustralia stands in last position in top 10 civilian gun owing country. Its factthat country where civilian get gun easily have more homicide number than othercountry.


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