Human history is full of wars that were aimed at establishment of new countries and colonies, gaining independence, fighting for certain ideas and beliefs. Every nation has at least one example of war.

Though people do not like when their relatives and friends die at war, they are ready to overcome the difficulties and hardships of war to see their children, mothers, brothers, and friends once again. So, the historic meaning of the war changes through centuries. Revolutions and fights led by brave men were methods for achieving the goals regardless of the primary inspirer of the action. Extraordinary individuals or governmental organizations took part in wars fought for the purpose of the country, charismatic leaders, philosophy of a religious group, and a great variety of other reasons sometimes hidden behind the primary goal. Sometimes people think that the war is the only way to tell the world about your ambitions and readiness to do whatever necessary to make your people free, make your country independent, and make others feel inferior.

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However, war is depicted in human history as the demonstration of brave hearts, courageous souls, and wise minds. Strategies and tactics are established by commanders to lead their people toward the idea of the independent state and prosperous territories that can claim to be free from prejudice and bias. So, the more people believe in the idea, the more ready they are to bring this theoretical dream into life. Some nations waited for centuries to be able to say that they live in an independent state and can enjoy all rights as well as representatives of other nations regardless of the race, culture, gender, and other peculiar features that could prevent them from being independent some centuries ago. The war is the most cruel and merciless activity if it can be called so. People fight for ideas and their dreams because they believe that their struggle can solve their problems and give them what they want. However, often people fail to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true because of the price of human lives as nobody is ready to pay that price for sons and husbands that die at war. Contemporary situation make the dilemma even more complicated when women go to the war and fight arm in arm with male representatives of their nation.

It is necessary to ask authorities whether those revolutions, power, oil and gas rush, and other illusory goals are worth people dying at war. Though dignity and courage of warriors are not disputable, civil population should address the issue of the cost when a young widow remains alone with little children. What should she say to her kids when they ask about their father? Should she explain that he fought against terrorists or some other unidentified threat? People should know what to fight for when they go to the war and give their lives in the name of some illusory purposes. We all know that widows do not need those honors and medals awarded posthumously because the only thing they need is their men to come back healthy and safe instead of being delivered in coffins. Governments justify the war as the lesser evil though they are not ready to explain their citizens they reason why they make a huge mistake every time and send thousands of people to the war.


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