IMPORTANCE OF STUDYING INTERNSHIPThe Performance and functions of organizations can be evaluated in different methods in the area of Recruitment, finance, training and Development etc…Each area of evaluation is entirely different from one and another major influence the other tremendously by conducting the analysis in different area of operating inside (employees, managers one can get on extremely valuable and useful view of the organization and its Operations in the form of birds eye view.Evaluation of finance performance will serve as an eye opener to any organization and that could understand its own position overtime.The study also helps to get practical knowledge about the functions and working .

1.2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY:It aims at understanding the company’s establishment, organization structure, departments like Recruiting, marketing, Finance strategies and the functions it is having over the competitors.An attempt is made to analyze the company’s performance in comparison to the theoretical aspects.

It aims to understand the skills of the company in the areas like advancements, marketing strategy, competition and man practical exposure.Even while running social media and digital media campaigns, the understanding of the functioning of the organization was always considered and the mission and vision was kept in mind while creating strategies.TOOLS FOR COLLECTION DATA:PRIMARY DATA: This report has prepared through extensive use of primary data. It is collected from the employers of Thandu engineering ltd organizationSECONDARY DATA: i.

e., data was collected from website http://thanduengineering.com1.3 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDYThe study is limited to the organizational structure and brief details of all the departments. Technical details are not covered, only a brief outline available from the secondary data is reported.It is my sincere hope that in spite of all limitations, the reader finds this report comprehensive, interesting and informative I hope that this report serve purpose efficiently and meaningfully for which it has been intend.1.

4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The major objectives are as follows:This is a pre-determined study on Thandu engineering ltd, with specific objectives like:To learn how the different divisions like  recruiting finance, , services etc are co-ordinate and synchronized to meet the objectives of the organization.To get acquainted to the real working environment in the organization.To gain valuable knowledge and experience during the study.Finally, to gain a practical knowledge about the functions and working of the company.

                    CHAPTER-2COMPANY AND INDUSTRY PROFILE2.1 COMPANY PROFILE:1. NAME: Thandu Engineering,  Thandu is the surname of the proprietor, Simha Thandu, The proprietor is   basically a mechanical Engineer and specialization in Refrigeration and Air conditioning well versed with clean room designs concepts and cGMP pharmaceutical practices  2. History of the company   AGE: A DECADE (10 YEARS) The company has started the activities on 11th February 2002 in Bangalore under the Karnataka sales Tax act and extended services in all over India, Having a full pledged Manufacturing facility    3. Line of company activities  Design, Manufacturing, and commissioning of CLEAN ROOM ALLIED EQUIPMENTS AND ACCESSORIES,  Turnkey project execution including clean room panelling wall and ceiling patrician’s complete electrification except civil works  4.

Applications of systems  Pharmaceutical API & Formulation, Biotech Industries, Tissue Culture,                                                  Bio-Safe Laboratories, Hospitals, Micro Electronics Industries ,                                                                  Semi Conductor Industries ,Aero Space Industries ,                                                                                Defence & Gyros, Magnetic Tapes & CDs ,   Optical & Opto Electronics ,  Fibre Optics ,  Food & Beverages, Precision,  Micro Component Industries, Automobiles     5. List of Products  Laminar Air Flow Stations,  Pass Through boxes, Air Showers,  LAF Trolleys, Cross over benches, Garment storage racks Bio Hazard Protection Contamination Control Devices & Equipments, Bio-safe Hoods, Dispensing & Sampling Booths , Industrial Air Filters, Clean Room Components, Air Handling Units, HVAC components,  Ventilation AHUs, Turnkey Clean Room Installations, Clean Room HVAC System, Clean Room Ventilation System Modular Clean Rooms, Specialized Dehumidifiers, Dust collectors, Scrubber systems  6. Allied Products Clean room Metal doors Viewing windows Clean room light fittings  7. Services  Facility Designing,  Maintenance and Services of Clean Rooms Clean Room Validation Clean Room Consultancy2.2 INDUSTRY PROFILE: Thandu Engineering is born by virtue of educational and technical background of air conditioning engineering and technology having all in house facilities such as design facility with bigger plotting, manufacturing facility fully equipped, project execution facility with all necessary machinery and tools, service and validation facility with all anemometers, particle counters and photometer, digital and analog thermometers, sound level meters, RPM meters and light level meters.

Clean rooms can be very large. Entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a clean room with factory floors covering thousands of square meters. They are used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, the life sciences, and other fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination. There are also modular clean rooms.The air entering a clean room from outside is filtered to exclude dust, and the air inside is constantly recirculated through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and/or ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters to remove internally generated contaminants.Staff enter and leave through airlocks (sometimes including an air shower stage), and wear protective clothing such as hoods, face masks, gloves, boots, and coveralls.

Equipment inside the clean room is designed to generate minimal air contamination. Only special mops and buckets are used. Clean room furniture is designed to produce a minimum of particles and is easy to clean.Common materials such as paper, pencils, and fabrics made from natural fibers are often excluded and alternatives used.

Clean rooms are not sterile (i.e., free of uncontrolled microbes)  only airborne particles are controlled. Particle levels are usually tested using a particle counter and microorganisms detected and counted through environmental monitoring methods.Some clean rooms are kept at a positive pressure so if any leaks occur, air leaks out of the chamber instead of unfiltered air coming in.Some clean room HVAC systems control the humidity to low levels, such that extra equipment (“ionizers”) is necessary to prevent electrostatic discharge problems.Low-level clean rooms may only require special shoes, with completely smooth soles that do not track in dust or dirt.

However, for safety reasons, shoe soles must not create slipping hazards. Access to a clean room is usually restricted to those wearing a clean room suit.In clean rooms in which the standards of air contamination are less rigorous, the entrance to the clean room may not have an air shower.

An anteroom (known as a “gray room”) is used to put on clean-room clothing.Some manufacturing facilities do not use fully classified clean rooms, but use some clean room practices to maintain their contamination requirements. Mission: To design, Manufacture, Install, Commission and Validate the High Performance HVAC Systems and Equipments.

 Vision:To extend the best services to all  customers by providing the reliable products at the economical prices to suit their budgets. Business Strategy: We respected and honour the customer requirement specifications URS ( User Requirement Specifications ) Organization:Thandu Engineering is born by virtue of Educational and Technical Background of Air Conditioning Engineering and Technology Having all in house facilities such as Design Facility with bigger plotting , Manufacturing Facility fully equipped , Project Execution Facility with all necessary machinery and Tools , Service and Validation Facility with all Anemometers, Particle counters and Photometer , Digital and analog Thermometers , Sound level meters, RPM meters , Light level meters etc,. Products:Clean room Turnkey solutions, AHUs, Ductable Acs, Forced Ventilation, Sterile and Non Sterile Modular Clean Rooms , Laminar Flow Work stations, Sampling and Dispensing Booths, Bio safety Cabinets , Fume hoods, Air Showers, Pass boxes, Primary filters such as 20 micron , 10 micron , 5micron and 0.3 micron HEPA filters, Clean room Metal doors, Viewing windows and Clean room light fittings.

 Services:Facility Designing, Maintenance and Services of Clean Rooms, Clean Room Validation, Clean Room Consultancy. Product Application:Pharmaceutical API & Formulation, Biotech Industries, Tissue Culture, Bio-Safe Laboratories, Hospitals, Micro Electronics Industries , Semi Conductor Industries ,Aero Space Industries , Defence & Gyros, Magnetic Tapes & CDs , Optical, Fiber Optics , Food & Beverages, Precision, Micro Component Industries, Automobiles.


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