The question of illegal immigrants has been a serious issue for some analysts in the country. While most citizens would see them as dangerous individuals, invading the country to secure jobs from them and control criminal activities, other stakeholder mark their importance in the economy.

How they hurt America may take different viewpoints depending on the preceptor and attitudes that one has traditionally believed. Illegal immigrants may be defined differently, depending on their unlawful nature. In as much as a high number of immigrants are in the country, their presence has a significant implication on the population ranging from the economy, politics and societal factors; these factors are often viewed differently by different components of the society.

Background information on illegal immigrants

Unlawful settlers are essentially people who meet the borders without proper authority, and so their overall impression as criminals. This form of migration goes against national policies and immigration laws (Camarota). There are several types of immigrants who enter the country with different objectives. Some stay permanently, while others cross the border to fulfill interim goals.

The largest numbers of immigrants by country of origin come from Mexico. Guatemala, India and china have also reported large numbers. There are three indicators through which a person may be termed as an illegal immigrant; unauthorized crossing of borders, overstaying in a country beyond the legally allowed time, or through desecration of any laws of disclosure (FAIR). They vary, from those who legally cross borders without inspection, to those who get smuggled in containers. Those who overstay their permitted extent are averagely better educated and monetarily secure than those who illegally cross the border.

Impact of illegal immigrants/findings

Most forbidden immigrants steal jobs or the name of ordinary citizens who are arguably too tired to work. Some companies, operating with judicial employees, are faced with competition from such individuals who run organizations with immigrants, who are commonly underpaid, pay less levies and are comfortable working in appalling states (Camarota).

Thousands of prisoners are held captive each year as illegal immigrants, mostly using advanced technology, which is expensive to maintain. Those who are captured while gaining entry into the country have to be accommodated in prison. There are some who access entry in order to gain some illegal objectives (FAIR). Drug and human trafficking are related activities that most barons undertake. Others have a violent nature which may result in violation or kidnap activities.

They desire to get a better living, and hence go to any extents, thus may be found guilty of murder. The relationship between illegal immigrants and evil has always been cited. The 9/11 attack has vastly been blamed on these characters. Were there strict measures to curb them from crossing the border, preliminary activities on how they could choose where to foster their subversive activities could have been halted.

Thousands of immigrants residing in Las Vegas valley lost their construction jobs due to a dip in the new housing market (Pratt). As a result, they could not distribute money in the local economy as they used to; further, many of them left the area. The effects of their lost wages and their spending on the administration’s income were felt, impairing some of the basic services rendered to legal citizens.

The impact of the cost of illegal immigrants to the community has therefore not been clearly comprehended. Illegal immigrants who have been lately integrating with locals are better educated than the previous lot, better equipped with an academy education, and in search of better service opportunities. However, huge bulks of the unauthorized immigrants have lower education levels than the native (Normandi). They work in industries and commercial-related centers, including repair and agriculture.

A study covered by the NAS signifies that their excise do not consider the fee of services they entertain. The report further states that Americans cannot be offered superior-quality training, retirement security and appropriate nursing if the country continues to admit underprivileged and inexperienced immigrants. They are also pleased to work for lower wages, hence depressing the salaries of legal citizens (Camarota). Illegal immigration increases the nation’s population, usually inappropriately as some of them may be undocumented.


Hosting each of these individuals in prison costs thousands of dollars, which could have been invested elsewhere were there no illegal immigrants. Had there been better control over the borders, such aliens with terrorist mind could not have committed such heinous acts.

Their presence in the country is thus seen as a probable peril to the wellbeing of Americans. From the free trade area of view, unrestricted migration and illicit migration lead to increased productivity, increased earnings and consumer spending, and ultimately lowers employment levels (Normandi). If these undocumented immigrants are forced out of the country, the state would lose some jobs and billions in cash (Pratt). The amount of money circulating in the economy would no longer be available, and less money would be transacted in design of consumer spending and overseas transfers. Pratt further elucidates that more than 50% of construction workers and manual laborers in most states are not legal citizens. However, the lack of documentation of these individuals poses a greater harm to the population.

Economists and psychoanalysts thus cannot see the risk of losing them (Camarota). Most Americans will also complain about their presence without realizing how the economy may experience a dip without illegal immigrants. According to the findings of the Perryman group, an organization reputable in economic explorations, the state would lose close to 3 million jobs and ? trillion dollars in circulation without the presence of these characters. These loses would ripple through the economy, as the companies and industries which depend on their services would fail (Pratt). The harm that these aliens cause is mostly felt by poor Americans. Children and minorities will also test the brunt, as they contend for social services. These individuals in vulnerable sectors of the economy feel the impact of dishonest immigrants on local resources (FAIR). An all-inclusive program to control illegal immigration must therefore be formulated.

It may require plenty of resources to check their access, but ensuring that they do not falsify documents to obtain employment or operate any public services that tax-payers guarantee (FAIR). Controlling this migration goes further than restricting the volume, but the government substantially involving intelligence capacities to ensure that illegal immigrants do not abuse its citizens.


It may be argued that it is the individuals hiring the illegal immigrants who are harming America in their desire for cheap labor. Most of these people enter the country in search of opportunities to improve their lives, and in no way do they intend to harm Americans (Camarota). They are usually more hard working than the average citizen who has a university education, because of their desire to succeed and escape poverty. The term ‘illegal’ is what makes these individuals look worthless. While they may disrupt the economy in forms of record keeping and budgetary allocations in the society, they in fact stimulate the economy. Measures to ensure that such individuals enter the country legally, and proper documentation is done must therefore be formulated.

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