The United States should strengthen its immigration policy to afford all immigrants security, equal employment opportunities, and social services. The policy should allow for documenting all legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. During documentation and subsequent action, special considerations should be given to illegal women and girls, as they are more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. The vices spoil our immigration heritage. The United States lead other nations in development, research, and technology because of superior human resources and infrastructure. In this regard, the Obama administration should increase the number of work-based immigration visas to immigrants.

These visas should be given to specialists and highly skilled individuals wishing to stay in America. They should be given permanent visas so that they can effectively contribute to the development of the United States. Specialists and skilled workers contribute to innovation of crucial technologies that save the country huge costs by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual labor.

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The benefits outweigh the costs hence the policy should strengthen this work visas. Temporary work visas should be given to unskilled immigrant workers, wishing to work in the country. Unskilled workers contribute to the development of the country as Americans shun certain jobs. The policy should make available more temporary-work-visas to immigrants.

This should neutralize the market forces that fuel illegal migration to fill unskilled job demands. Legal and illegal immigrants contribute millions of dollars to the nation’s economy through reduced production costs, and increased production. The immigration work policy should strengthen the country’s efforts in reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the country rather than deport the immigrants already in the country. Immigration to the United States remains attractive to many foreigners because great difference exists between America and other countries. Tough immigration laws restrict the free movement of immigrants to the United States but these laws do little to stop the trend.

Immediate countries bordering the United States have the greatest number of legal and illegal immigrants coming into the United States yearly. The policy should address the great differences existing with its neighbors. Allowing more legal migration can also stem the flow of illegal migrants, as the jobs they come to seek may be unavailable. Organized crime gangs facilitate illegal migration by offering them transport and safe houses. The government should crack on these gangs to stop illegal immigration across the porous borders. The policy should address the porous borders allowing entry of illegal migrants.

Boarder surveillance should be more stringent. If the government decides to offer more immigration visas to solve this problem, there needs to be strict enforcement of illegal migration hiring in the United States as well as strict boarder monitoring to stop the flow. There exists negative public opinion towards immigrants in America especially during economic downturns.

Many people have not recognized the contribution of illegal migrants to the economy and thus their opinions are biased. The media and ignorant politicians spread these false hoods. The policy should aim at sensitizing the public on the benefits of legal migrants to the country. Legal immigrants should be taxed according to the country laws to avoid discrimination.

Illegal migration hiring should however be discouraged through all possible means.


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