Imagine you are hiding in a cramped closet, your body is in pain as if it is burning like fire, but you stay strong like it is the last moment of your life. You hear the bad men and the dog sniffing to smell your DNA. You’re in a suffocating space where oxygen is nearly to be found, but then a young woman’s water broke and the bad men caught you. They pull you out of the cramped closet, SLAM you on the ground and WHIP you like you’re a filthy animal.

You lay there in pain moaning and groaning, crying and sobbing, but only if there is a way to escape, a path to freedom. And one of those solutions is the Underground Railroad.Where did Slaves Come From? Slaves were obviously from Africa, but they would probably never had have been here unless there wasn’t other countries to trade with. Between 1525, and 1866 12.5 million slaves were shipped to America from Africa during the slave trade. The slave triangle(trade) was between Europe, Africa, and the Americans. Many African-Americans would sale themselves for money to be a slave, but it probably wasn’t the best decision out of all decisions to be made.Slavery States and Free StatesSome states that did not have slaves were: Illinois, Ohio, Maine, and Rhode Island.

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Some states that had slaves were: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Delaware.  Harriet Tubman took the slaves from Maryland, to Pennsylvannia during the Underground Railroad, she freed more than 300 hundred slaves, but how?Escaping Slavery Harriet Tubman went back 19 times to save over 300 slaves to Pennsylvania crossing the finish line to freedom. The Underground Railroad sent many slaves to freedom, from quilts to use as a map to know where to go and know where their next stop was going to be. During the Underground Railroad secret people were all around the slaves states apart of the Underground Railroad. Many houses would keep a lantern in their window so the slaves would know that their house was apart of the Underground Railroad. The underground railroad is a terrific place for slaves they can run away from the people who has made their life miserable. What jobs did they perform?Jobs/RolesAll african americans had jobs, but there were many jobs that were more popular than others such as: craftsmen, drivers, barrel makers, coopers, blacksmiths, potters, and sugar boilers. Many slaves were judged on color.

For example, if you were the blackest african american than you would possibly have a harder job and have to work longer than, if you were a lighter african american you would be a house servant, or a manager by a slaved women. Most slaves worked for 12 hours on plantations. What would be the problem from working for 12 hours and being whipped?ConditionsSlavery would affect less efficient working if a slave has ever got severely whipped, stabbed or slapped, by his/her master. Back in the day masters should’ve been aware that this was happening, because it caused sloppy work by the slaves and they could’ve been whipped again from there less efficient work that has been done. Slavery also would have affected the children in that plantation to cause bad habits by seeing the way that their masters treat their people. How does slavery still affect our country?Lasting negative impact of Slavery Since african americans know that back in the day white people treated them unfairly. African Americans now these days feel disrespected.

For example, if a basketball team was filled with a lot of americans and only 1 or 2 African Americans, and their coaches never put them in even know he knows that he is the best player on the team, that player would feel very disrespected and think he is racist. This is called racism. Slavery in the U.S will always be history, but it will never be forgiving or a great memory of history for many African Americans.  And so we should appreciate how our lives are today because no one would never never ever want to relive a painful, dreadful, duel, horrible time in america.


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