Imagine an Earth without water. Do you think youcan live without water? Every people need food and water to survive. By savingwater and stop wasting water, we can use water in sustainable ways. I think weshould use water sustainable so that we can have human healthy and worldhealthy.

Humans need food and water to survive. If we runout of water, people could not survive. Our body need water for our cells andother parts in our body for our health. Because our body loses water throughbreathing, sweating, and digestion, it is important to drink water andrehydrate with food that contains water. The amount of water required dependson the climate in which you live. Water can help move the food taken in theintestines.

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Water can help our body healthy and strong.Water is the only substance on earth that is liquid in the temperature that is common on the surface of our planet. Other substances are easily dissolved regularly as excellent solvents. This allows water to transfer nutrients to cells and waste from them. When the water becomes denser. The water on the other floor will not freeze.

Eventually, all the water across our planet’s surface will freeze and become impossible to live.Every creature depends on water forsurvival. Plants need water to make food and grow things.

Many living thingslive in the water. People need water for cooking, bathing, transportation,recreation, crop cultivation and product making. All of our bodies are made ofwater and if we don’t use water in sustainable ways, then we would be indanger. Without water, we would not exist.

Without water, we will not get clean air, food and also many things thatvalue’s our healthy can be dangerous. SO we have to use water in sustainableways.


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