Imagine coming home to see your kids after a long school day starving while bouncing off the walls full with energy. Not only will you have to deal with your hiper crazy kids but you’ll have to hear, “WHEN’S DINNER, I’M HUNGRY!!!!” No one wants to deal with that and that’s why we should have longer lunch and recess at baresville. Because ¬†kids don’t have enough time to eat, kids focus after moving around, and kids don’t exercise at home is why we should have longer lunch and recess at Baresville.First reason why we should have longer lunch and recess is that kids don’t have enough time to eat. Eric Rimm, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, states that”Kids who had less than 20 minutes to eat were consuming, across the board, less of everything.

” What Eric is saying is that kids eat less of everything when they only have 20 minutes, which means food waste and kids won’t have the nutrients they need. So that means if we have longer lunch more bellies will be full, there will be less food waste, and their will be more healthy kids at Baresville. Ugh lunch lines. They take so much out of our eating time and it doesn’t help that most kids at school buy lunch which means longer lunch lines. The longer the line the less time the kids have to eat. But what happens when teachers use lunchtime to teach? Which if you say kids waste time talking, teachers waste kids time to eat by teaching.

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How are you supposed to listen when all you can hear is chewing? Don’t blame the kids for talking, blame the time. Just like how we need time to eat, we need time to exercise because kids learn better after moving around. After just 20 minutes of physical activity memory tasks improved 16%. So that means that if we expand recess it will be easier for kids to memorize what their learning and where they placed their materials, which is really a big problem in Baresville. If we add 60 minutes of recess it’ll be easier for teachers to keep kids focused. Which means that if we add 60 minutes kids won’t be stuck in “lala land” and grades will go up since mostly everyone will understand the curriculum. Studies show that after about 20 minutes of walking around our brains are more active than people who sat for 20 minutes.

Which means that if kids minds are more active ¬†it’ll make understanding the information easier than kids who have sat down for the hole day. So if your thinking about why we even have recess just remember that kids need exercise to learn better and achieve greater things.Even though kids exercise at school, kids still don’t get enough exercise at home for them to have completed 60 minutes of exercise.

Recent studies show that about 50% of kids in elementary school, like Baresville, spend at least 2 hours on the TV and computor for more than 5 days a week. Which means that most kids spend their time on computers than going outside and running around. Which means most kids won’t want to play outside after a while because there used to sitting on the computor. Not only will kids get less time outside, 41% of kids get 60 minutes of physical activity at home less than 1 day a week.

As you can see more and more kids don’t do exercise. Which means that kids that don’t do exercise won’t teach their kids exorcise so more and more kids won’t do exorcise. Even now we know that so many kids have given up on exercise but during 2011 3 out of 4 kids got less than 1 hour of exercise a day.

It’s 2018 and I bet you that that number has grown even humongously because of all the new technology coming out. It doesn’t help that at least every kid in 5 grade has a laptop in Baresville because they gave us them for free. All these facts prove that kids need time outside.School staff may say that we would need to extend the school day and that costs money. Even though we will need to extend the school day, there are a lot of good effects that come with extending the school day. If we extend the school day it will be easier to teach because it will give teachers more time to help teach students individually so students can understand the lesson.

Also if we extend the school day we won’t feel alone and act as if it’s unfair because more than 700 schools extended the school day and decided to keep it that way. Which means that it won’t feel as though our school is the only one to have done this. Extending the school day isn’t unfair, it’s a step to better education.All this information proves why we should have extra lunch and recess at Baresville. The reasons why we should have longer lunch and recess are that kids don’t have enough time to eat at school, kids learn better after moving around, and kids don’t exercise at home.

Nonetheless, expanding lunch and recess is expanding academic performance.


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