Imagine there is a dog. The dog is in a home where he gets abused and hurt to the point where he gives up. He has been traumatized. Then the Dumb Friends League rescued the dog and gave it everything so it gained back its strength. It is now fit, happy, and in a safe home. That is what the Dumb Friends League is for. Animal abuse has been around since ancient times. Animals have been forced to fight, live in terrible weather, and even more horrendous events. There have only been laws to prevent animal abuse since the 1860’s, (Vanloo, 2017). Although it has gotten better over the years, it is still a major problem. It is important you help the Dumb Friends League achieve its goal of helping animals live the life they deserve because they make sure the animals get homes, they foster the animals until they leave, and they take in any animal.Predominately, the Dumb Friends League promises the animals they take care of will go to homes. Primarily, barely any animals did not get normal homes. The article, “Measuring our Process” states, “At the end of the fiscal year 2017, our live release rate was 90% for all cats and dogs, and 100% for healthy cats and dogs,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is stating that almost all of the animals they have rescued have gotten homes. Continuing on, the Dumb Friends League had a lot of animals in their shelters in 2017. The article, “Measuring our Process” said, “19,413 pets were adopted, reunited or transferred to placement partners,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is explaining that they made sure they tried to get the highest amount of animals to homes as possible. Last but not least, the Dumb Friends League only has one goal. That goal is to make sure all of the animals they take care of end up going to great homes,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). All in all, the Dumb Friends League does a great job of making sure the animals go to great homes but they also benefit them as well.Additionally, the Dumb Friends League fosters the animals they receive. To begin, one thing the Dumb Friends League does to help the animals is that they help them with their behavior. The article, “Our Story” states, “We provide shelter, veterinary care, and behavior and training programs to homeless companion animals and horses,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is explaining that they work with the animals they receive so the animals can meet the expectations of what other animals are like. Moving on, the Dumb Friends League also uses fostering programs. The article, “Our Story” said, “We use foster programs to give as many pets as possible a second chance at a happy life in a new home,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is stating that they try to get the animals in the best condition possible so they appeal for people to adopt and can be ready for a new home. Subsequently, the Dumb Friends League does not limit how long the animals can stay in their shelters for. This means the animals can stay there even if it takes them a long time to get a home; they basically will always have a shelter (Dumb Friends League, 2018). Conclusively, the Dumb Friends League does a great job of fostering their animals and also do not discriminate.Ultimately, the Dumb Friends League takes in any animal that they can. Primevally, the Dumb Friends League gives the animal time to get back to normal health. The article, “Our Story” exclaimed, “As long as an animal is not suffering, we will give it the time it takes to find a new, loving home,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is explaining that they will keep any animal that is alive but may have to euthanize it if it is suffering. Furthermore, there is only one condition where the Dumb Friends League will not “accept” an animal. The article, “Our Story” said, “In some cases, relieving an animal’s suffering may lead to euthanasia,” (Dumb Friends League, 2018). The Dumb Friends League is basically saying only if they get a suffering animal is when they will use euthanasia so the animal is not suffering anymore. Finally, the Dumb Friends League takes every animal’s life seriously. They will not say no to taking in an animal if it’s condition is not too bad, (Dumb Friends League, 2018). Overall, the Dumb Friends League makes sure they can take care of any animal they find and help animals a lot in general.In conclusion, you should support the Dumb Friends League because without your help, more animals will suffer from neglect, abuse, and so much more. The Dumb Friends League does a great job of taking care of the animals and does not neglect them. They will make sure the animals will get the living experience they deserve and the home they deserve. With your help, more animals will live gracefully and won’t receive carelessness of bad owners. “Life is life – whether it a cat, dog, or man. There is no difference between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.”Sri Aurobindo


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