Illegal migration in the United States is a very controversial and challenging issue; but overall America’s systematic approach for regulating illegal immigrants entering our country has failed. It pertains to millions of individuals and families journeying to the bulls-eye country of America without proper documentation; but it also consists of people entering the country legally, but they violate the terms of their approved visas and passports by permanently residing here, rather than the allotted time frame they’re given.

Amazing enough, The Federation For American Immigration Reform or better known as FAIR, estimated that in 2007, “the illegal immigrant population seated well above 13 million people.” Also considering this massive number grows roughly by “as many as 500,000 people every year,” across the United States; therefore a more efficient way of controlling our population needs to be effectively put into action. But why would these aliens risk so much to inhabit and live in the United States? It doesn’t involve too much cognitive ability to understand that under the unsatisfactory circumstances of poverty, economic deficiencies, and high unemployment rates, many will do whatever it takes to pursue the American Dream.

Despite the dangers and risks that could potentially arise from crossing the border, to these illegals, the benefits of successfully migrating outweigh the costs. ( An interesting law has passed merely a few weeks ago within the state of Arizona. With our government cracking down on the illegal flow by increasing more stadium lights, fences, and man power throughout Southern California, and Texas, it has “forced a shift in the flow of illegal immigrants that have now turned Arizona into the single biggest gateway for people sneaking into the country from Mexico.”( With that being said, this new law empowers police to question and arrest anyone they suspect of living here illegally.

However, this has dawned little support in other states around the Mexican border. For example, New Mexico’s governor claims the law is a “step backwards,” and how “Texas isn’t touching it. And California? Never again.

” He’s referring too a similar law that occurred within California during the 1980’s, that would make being an illegal alien inside the United States a felon, but it never passed. But the problems it caused are similar to what is emerging inside Arizona. These measures have led to a sharp increase in the number of kidnappings, home invasions, and many other acts of violence that are tied to Mexican drug cartels and human smuggling. When it comes down to it, the police will have full authority to racial profile anyone they believe could possibly be illegal.

This is problematic because protesters argue that the mis productive questioning and interrogation of those citizens who are actually innocent, will be stripped of their civil rights. Also opponents of the law point out that it’s an open invitation for harassment and discrimination against Hispanics regardless of their citizenship status. Not to be racially prejudice in any way, but I’m sure this law will deliver results.

Neither are the consequences that extreme as well; while some innocent individuals will forcefully be held up during their day, it still remains an undesirable, but adequate precaution towards establishing order. As Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer signed the bill in favor for this tactic in battling illegal immigrants from Mexico, widespread hysteria and chaos emerged across the globe. Thousands upon thousands of activists and protesters held their signs in both English and Spanish that read obscenities from “Ashamed To Be Arizonan,” to even more attacking comments such as “Jan Brewer hates ALL Mexicans!” Many are furious over the passing of this bill, however many protesters reiterate how America needs a better method for illegal immigration reform, but don’t shed light on any solution at all. Something else I noticed in most of the coverage and interviews on the news, and opinions in Newspaper columns, is the idea that any form of hostility over this touchy subject pertains to racism. For example an activist on CBS news voiced her opinion as, “What happened in Arizona proves that racism and anti-immigrant hysteria across the country still exists. We need to continue to fight.” It is true many are angry, but I believe their reasoning is clouded by emotion, as they don’t look at the situation from a logical perspective.

If people analyze the truth behind the problems with illegal immigrants more carefully, its about people who come here, break the law, do not play by our rules, don’t speak our language, disrespects our country, and the system, and collect 5 to 6 billion in free beneficial services in California alone. To begin with, living in the United States, one of the most prosperous countries on Earth, is a privilege to move here, not a right. Therefore trying to compare illegal immigration to the many civil rights struggles of earlier years is ridiculous. The border between Mexico and the United States stretches nearly 2,000 miles, starting from Southern California and follows all the way to Brownsville, Texas.

It remains on 24 watch with highly efficient security cameras, stadium lights, thermal/radar ground sensors, and many other gadgets and techniques for securing the bordering countries. Some states even utilize members of the national guard for additional security. But are these measures necessary? The fact remains that many of the illegal immigrants crossing the border come here for work; but many as well are very dangerous, smuggling illegal drugs, and participating in some form of criminal activity. Obviously the differences from migrating here specifically for work versus selling drugs are drastically different, but regardless of that, both disregard the laws set forth by state officials and reside here illegally. Another major problem with illegal aliens living here in America, is the fact that a large portion of them also work here. The majority of these workers survive on low wage jobs, without paying the required Federal, State, and Local taxes that are essential for our economy to thrive.

The problem with the illegal aliens desire to search for tax free employment has spread from coast to coast swarming nearly every location in the United States. Who knows if there exist any city, town, or state within America that is free from the illegal immigrant workforce entirely? Many of these undocumented workers slave over jobs for nearly half of what an American citizen makes, and also for the most part don’t receive over time even after working forty plus hours a week. But the businesses aren’t complaining. Why not? Well more work for less money equals more money in their pockets, after all they are a business. A small plastics company in Pennsylvania was raided and over sixty illegal immigrants were apprehended. But it’s not just the small businesses that are a part of this problem, but the larger ones play an active role in it as well.

For example the incident that occurred in May of 2008 was very peculiar. The largest Kosher slaughterhouse in the United States known as Agriprocessors was searched by federal agents and “arrested nearly four hundred of its employees in a massive immigration raid.” http://www. It’s apparent how corrupt many businesses are merely to make more profit. Also to consider is the poor state of our current economy, and with ten percent of U.S. citizens unemployed, many Americans are growing more and more frustrated that these illegals are taking jobs away from the individuals who actually deserve to be here. It also appears that as they migrate here, many express no intentions of adapting or assimilating to our way. Many don’t learn our language, follow our laws, or demonstrate any effort to try and become legal to pay taxes or get an appropriate drivers license. If you take a look at past generations of immigrants coming to America, they willingly adapted to the American lifestyle, which it’s a completely different from what current illegal immigrants are doing.

This era of immigration disregards our customs, laws, and way of life. Also considering in the many demonstrations and protests I’ve witnessed lately, they have been waving the Mexican flag, not the American one.One of the biggest problems with illegal immigration is their drain on our economy. For one, the many that do work here send millions of dollars back home to their families, therefore weakening the money in circulation within our own country. But the largest problem is their ability to collect welfare benefits. In 1994 Proposition 187 was passed by 59 percent of California voters. It’s intended purpose was to cut off all benefits through welfare amongst illegals specifically in California.

Even though majority voted to pass a crucial decision that added up to nearly 3 billion per year, a single liberal judge declared it as unconstitutional. So even though they break the law to inhabit here from some other country, and they are technically not U.S. citizens at all, it appears welfare benefits including free education, and health care are undeniable rights for anyone who sets foot in the United States. Our state of California has fought being on the verge of bankruptcy for the past few years. So we as Americans can’t afford it, the people of America don’t want it, but we are forced to provide welfare to people who effect our nation in a negative manner. Aside from the financial difficulties illegal immigration forcefully places on our government and American citizens, there are a few persisting safety issues that need to be evaluated. For one this law in Arizona was not put into play for no reason at all.

Only a week ago in a remote desert area located in Pinal County Arizona, a deputy encountered a group in the desert presumably illegal immigrants, and was shot point blank in the chest with an AK-47 assault rifle as he approached the suspects who apparently were hauling multiple bales of marijuana. Also to note, Paul Babeu another Deputy Sheriff of Pinal County exasperated how “Assaults against police officers, officer-involved shootings, home invasions, car jackings, violent crimes- we can clearly point to the flow of illegal immigrants.” Another issue involving the safety and well-being of our inhabitants, is how easily the ability for illegal immigrants are to bring in disease and infect almost anyone. For legal immigrants who take the necessary precautions to reside here, medical screenings are required to ensure they do not bring in the many horrific third world diseases that have no place being in the United States. Many of these illnesses being very contagious that can spread merely through coming into contact with an individual. Evidence points to illegal immigrants for bringing in various illnesses such as Malaria, Hepatitis A-E, Chagas Disease, and many other conditions that pose as a vigorous and deadly safety hazard. Lets take Leprosy for example.

“In the forty years prior to 2002, there were only 900 total cases of leprosy in the U.S.” In only the next three years, the number rose to 9,000 different cases, with most being illegal aliens from ” Mexico, Africa, the Philippines, China, and South America.” An even deadlier disease such as Tuberculosis kills nearly two million people every year. It is highly contagious because it is an airborne bacteria that spreads when people breathe,cough, sneeze, or spit. Within ten years from now, over “150 million people will get sick” from this horrific disease, while “36 million will die.

” But the most chilling offense of this disease is that each individual with active Tuberculosis will infect on average around ten to fifteen people every year. But what does this have to do with illegal immigration? Well currently the United States has one of the lowest population rates of Tuberculosis around the world. Mexico has almost ten times the amount of infected patients, while places such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and a few African countries have up to 100 to 150 times higher infection rates than that of the United States. To make matters worse, an emergence of a Multi-Drug-Resistant strain of Tuberculosis formed three years ago (MDR-TB) and can leave a patient with over a million dollars in medical fee’s, while only a fifty percent of patients going under specified treatment survive. It’s rather unfortunate, but America cannot withstand the burden of financial bills for treating the world’s diseased, ill, sick, and infected population.

The government should make protecting its citizens from the catastrophic diseases brought in from illegal immigrants around the globe. How many more school children will have to be infected from catching TB before something is done? What’s the purpose of screening legal aliens for diseases that are contagious if the illegals can roam our country and infect our fellow citizens?


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