Thus, we have
successfully created a virtual network by using the Cisco packet tracer, in
this project we have created routers, network switches and computer devices which
will mimic the real-world environments. We have shown the connections between
the devices in the network by pinging in the IP address of the destination PC.
This project successfully demonstrates the implementation and steps how the
packet is transferred from one PC to any PC connected in this network by

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figures below demonstrate the step by step working of the project.



There are two types of modes in the CISCO
packet tracer which are the real-time mode and the simulation mode.



This packet tracer is
used to design and configure computer networks. Services are provided only to
the authorize routers and unauthorized access is denied. We have established the
network with three routers and five network switches spanning across 10 devices
to connect. The routers are numbered 1,2 & 3. While the network switches
are numbered with 0 to 4, a total of 5 switches. There are 10 total number of
devices connected in this network. Each with numbers 0 to 9.

network switch 0 & 1 relate to router 0. The network switch 2 & 3 relate
to router 1 and similarly the network switch 4 relates to router 3.

            The individual PC devices are connected in pairs of 2
with the 5 network switches. The PCs 0 & 1 relate to network switch 0, PCs 2
& 3 relate to network switch 1, PCs 4 & 5 are connected with network switch
2, PCs 6 & 7 are connected with network switch 3 and the PCs 8 & 9 are
connected with network switch 4.

            In our test cases, we first try to send a mail package from
PC 2 to PC 8 (fig3). In our second test case we send a packet from PC 2 to PC 5(fig

We have also shown the
simulation process of the packet being send from PC2 to PC8.

Fig 5: In this we see
that the packet has reached router1.

Fig 6: This shows that
the packet has been transferred from router1 to the router2.

Fig 7: Packet has been
transferred from router 2to router 3.

Fig 8: The packet has reached its destination which is


2: GUI of the packet tracer


tracer is a device planned by Cisco Systems that enables clients to make and
organize topologies and mirror present day PC systems. In our project we use a
simulation tool to visualize the networks. With the help of this CISCO packet
tracer we can do simulation of routers and switches using a command line
interface. This packet tracer prevents unauthorized access from third party

CISCO, simulator, Ethernet, computer networks.



A cisco packet tracer is
a tool which is made by Cisco Systems that is mainly designed to create simulations
of network topologies and it also describes the works of computer networks. This
cisco software does the simulation of the cisco routers and switches with the help
of a command line interface. This cisco software allows the users to add and
delete network devices according to their convenience. CISCO packet tracer runs
on different operating systems like windows, Linux an IOS. The cisco packet can
also be used for collaboration. The packet tracer connects various systems,
routers and modems with the help of a cable. This packet tracer does the
connections and transfer of data in the form of packets is done at a very lower
cost, whereas in the physical hardware its often a tedious task to obtain
connections. This packet
Tracer is not advisable for modelling production networks. This packet tracer
is very easy to work on. This packet tracer can be used for troubleshooting.
This is an open source software. This packet tracer does routing, when the
network fails, when the packets are send or not in the real time. In CISCO
packet tracer the various network connections are end devices, switches,

                  Fig 1: Router
with PC

This figure describes a router which is connected to a PC, it is
connected with the help of a connection cable and configuration is done using terminal
software. When we connect multiple devices, we need different type’s cable for
connections. For connections between PC to PC and PC to router we need a cross
over cable. For connections between switches and routers we need a straight
cable. The benefits of using it design and do a network configuration across
various networking devices. The main advantage is that we as students can learn
and work in real and visualize environment. This packet tracer helps to model
network routers, switches and security. Cisco networking is an internetworking
between the two systems which provides a high level of security in the
connections. The configurations which are made on this CISCO packet it works on
the OSI model.


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