If you are going to take a look on it, countries who are not well developed have shorter life expectancy. While those countries who have a well-developed economy have the chance to live longer.  The reason is obvious. A well-developed country or known as an advanced country have access to different level of health care. As they are the one who can discover how to cure a deadly illness.

 Here are the places in the world where people have the highest life expectancy.  #1 Hong Kong 84.0Different medical journals find out that some of the secrets of the Cantonese for living longer can be traced into their traditions. Besides the use of herbal medicines, their love of steamed foods and their tea drinking culture gives a part of their longer life. Their physical activities particularly the passive martial art which is called Tai Chi make people who are in their old age to become physically active.  Tai Chi is not an ordinary type of martial arts. Cantonese believe that this kind of martial arts balances the yin yang of a human body.  #2 Japan 83.

7If we are going to rank it by country, Japan will still remain as the number one country who has the highest Life Expectancy. Since Hong Kong remains to be a Special Administrative Regions of China.  Japan is the country where you can find people who are still living in more than their centennial age. Their cultural diet such as eating fresh seafood and fresh meat play a big factor in their long-life spans. The healthy and peaceful environment also of this country contributes to the longevity of their living.  #3 Switzerland 83.

4Switzerland is famous for being a neutral country during the past conflicts in the world. In this country, the government requires every Swiss to buy an Insurance on private companies. With the reason that Insurance companies are mandated also to accept their applicants. The cost of Insurance is undeniably expensive. But in general, citizens who are able to benefit from it are highly satisfied.  People in this country are known to chocolate consumers. However, the system on how their chocolates are being processed is highly different.

  #4 Singapore 83.1Known to be one of the cleanest and the least corrupt country in the world. Singapore also proves that its health care system will allow its citizen to benefit from it. Within the 30 decades, the life expectancy of this country has been increasing in average.

 Singapore uses a “3M” framework on its health care system. Medifund, this is for its citizen who doesn’t have the capability to afford the health care system. Medisave, this is a mandatory medical saving account system of the country that covers the 85% of the population. Lastly, the Medishield, which is a healthcare insurance program funded by the government for its citizen. Although, the government has that kind of system in their health care system. Singapore still remains to be one of the countries who spend less in their health care program in the world. The principle behind this is simple.

Spend less without reducing the quality of the health care program.  #5 Australia 82.8 Australia is known to be the number one country who is vulnerable to skin cancer.

But how come they are able to make it on the top? Well, the answer is in their health care program. The government provides a long-term health care programs that treat skin cancer caused by too much exposure to sun light. Unlike other types of cancer, Australians find some ways to figure out how to treat this kind of illness. The rate also of smokers in Australia is continuously going downwards. Smoking is becoming socially unacceptable.

Places which are considered before as smoking places are not anymore as of this day. Fast foods in Australia are totally different. In an Australian MacDonald, you can buy water and fresh fruits. Recipes also must include vegetables. If it will be your first time to eat in an Australian fast food, except that their servings for commercial drinks and chips are less. As mandated by their government.



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