INTRODUCTIONForecasting today’s scenario, a patient has to carryall his medical reports to doctors unknowing of the doctor’s specializationfields. This may lead to wrong treatments. This is also caused due touncertified doctors. Moreover doctors always cannot monitor his/her patientsthrough all of his day.II.                PROPOSED WORKThis project comes up with idea of smart virtual hospitalsystem. This includes creating unique accounts for individuals and doctors,wherein each individual’s medical reports are uploaded which are accessible bythe individual and doctor.

This system connects with a fit bit in individualwrist. Through the accessible data personal doctors can frequently monitorpulse rate and condition of the patient. If patient undergoes any physicalcheckups, the files obtained are uploaded to individual’s account.

This allowsnotifying patients on regular checkups. In case of emergencies (such asfainting and reduction in pulse rate before reaching critical level, personaldoctor, nearby general doctor and three other caretakers (or Guardians) of theindividual are made an immediate alert message stating condition and location(latitude and longitude) of the patient. Any of the people notified (especiallynearby General Doctor) sends ambulance to the location concerned. This projectalso deals with the exception of doctor being an individual (patient). Signuppage request for Aadhar number which allows the account linked with Aadhar cardand Doctor’s Certification which include doctor’s official id (if any).Thismakes people to make trustworthy connection with Certified Doctors. This aidspatients with serious disorders with recommendations of Best Doctors acrossnation.

Future updations may include Hospital authority to create a local groupof doctors of unique specialization fields. 


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