“I tweet therefore I am” solely focuses on how social media
has shaped our generation into people who constantly need to tweet or post.
Peggy Orenstein writes about how social media has prompted a trend of “self-promotion
over self-awareness.” Her aforementioned statement declares people are more
worried about what their profile status says rather than living in the moment
and enjoying what they are doing. I believe the incessant utilization of social
media presents limitations that effectively outweigh the benefits it offers for
societal improvement and personal development.

            Over 91% of 16-24 year olds use the
internet for social networking. A majority
of this population believe that social messaging is more of a benefit than a
consequence, but using social media can lead issues involving addiction.
For example, people have become so attached to their phones that they have
started to use them everywhere which can remove their attention and forethought
for life outside of social media. There are too many students at home are trying to work on school
assignments, but are distracted by their desire to continuously scrutinize a
text message. Ultimately, this addiction causes a halt in development of their
learning as they prioritize their image on the screen over life disregarding
popular technology.

            Secondly, the
more people use social media, the less happiness they have. There’ll be
relentless distress about how other people may react to what you say and what
they may be thinking. Suddenly, your personal discretion becomes up for public
debate. This causes unnecessary stress on the body and can potentially lead to
the slow collapse of one’s mental health. Orenstein states she does not convey
the truth when she tweets. Instead she tweets what she believes people want to
hear. This only further proves the conviction that social media functions on
falsified and carefully controlled appearances.

            Social media
has become an easy and accessible way to communicate with others. Lots of people
believe more voices can be heard and important topics can be discussed within
larger audiences. Although this is important, face-to-face communication will
become a thing of the past, diminishing the concept of building real-life
relationships. It’s difficult to distinguish between bonds formed over the
Internet and meaningful connections we create in the real world. We dedicate a
large portion of our time toward the relationships created online, that we take
away from strengthening the significant ones in our daily lives. Despite being
inches away from someone physically, mentally their mind will be in another
world, interacting with people thousands of miles away, and the prospect of
communication will be gone. The true connection you share in seeing their
physical attributes, hearing their voice, understanding their emotions
genuinely fade.

            One hundred-
forty characters, misspelled words, and childish abbreviations have led our
society to cease any meaningful endeavors. I believe that although social media
has its benefits it needs to be copiously managed. Similar to the fantasy of
sugar, a moderated amount is tolerable but too much can trigger a serious





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