I chose to discuss aboutdifferent movies, and how each help shape and define identities. Movies canhave powerful messages, whether it is speaking of a social-cultural concept,political, personal, or global concepts. A good movie could have a worldwideimpact and be remembered in history for decades. Important companies that producegreat movies are Disney and Universal Studios. Movies can help shape and defineidentities. They have powerful messages, as well as presenting types oftheories or identities (e.g. social-cultural or political).

In the movies Iwill discuss, I will provide the mission of each production company, some oftheir movies, the pots of those movies, why they were a major hit, and how ithelped shaped many people’s identities., as well as receiving great feedbackuntil today, despite of their release date. The movies I will mention, discussgender, race, and class, which are important topics that we discuss and debateabout in today’s world. I chose to focus on the musical theatre genre. Thereason I chose more than one movie to discuss the musicals, is because it is abroad topic, and each movie has different emphasis on shaping identities. Iwant to highlight these differences between the movies because not every musicalmovie is the same, and each one of them vary in the plot of their messages. Eachmovie listed in my paper is different yet they all share one similar conceptwhich is music.

The main ideas from all the movies is “how music has shaped theactor’s identity”. The movies discussed different stances on gender, identity,race, and class, along with other concepts that I will analyze in this paper.The reason I chose this topic is because I want to highlight the differencebetween movies now and movies then, in the form of shaping and re-shapingidentity. That could a political identity, social identity, or self-identity.Older movies for example have a different stance on family and cultural values.However, in movies nowadays, we rarely see scenes that show the bonding offamilies. The historical events is also another point that we barely notice in filmstoday, unless it is actually about a specific war.

Lastly, cultural concepts, Ibelieve are fairly the same. Yet if we take a closer look at the mainprotagonists between now and thirty or fifty years ago, we would overwhelminglyhave movies with mainly English or American actors. Nowadays, we see actorswith Indian, Hispanic, Australian, African, and Arabic roots that are in theacting field and are famous in Hollywood. Another important point is that African-Americansrarely win academy awards (Oscars), Grammy’s, Emmy’s, or noble awards. Thefemale voice is always left unheard or lowered in relation to their counterpartmale, because males are always overheard and tend to think less or look downupon females. Yet if we open the religious book (e.g. Qur’an) we see that maleand females are considered equal, and women’s rights are even preserved andprotected by the religion of Islam.

Only the society, tradition, and cultureare the ones that take away the rights and claim that it is the correct thingto do, which in fact, is not. This is where I see the socio-cultural affectemerging, due to the mentality and the way people are raised on how women areseen as less than men based on common false ideological concepts, regardless ofwhether it may be true or false.


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