Istrongly believe that my unique personality traits are my original thinking,innovative ideas and efficient solutions for problem solving. I am a highlyactive person and I get involved in all projects which raise my interest.

Thesecould be either related to my current studies, since I constantly look foropportunities to learn more on the topics of my concern; or merely forimproving my personal self. Throughout my experiences I have learned to adaptto different cultures, and, my studies, the extra curricular activities and thework experience have had a great impact on shaping the person I am today. In themanagerial field of operations and supply chain, I truly believe leadershipskills are essential to ensure complete success. During my first job, I haveencountered great success in persuading and convincing people to purchase themost convenient insurance packages. The manager noticed me and assigned me asthe leader of the team, requiring me to think fast, improvise and at the sametime involve all members in the fulfillment of the project. This experience hasmade me realize that being part of a team and managing to successfully achievea common goal is the most rewarding thing for me and for the organization. Throughoutmy undergraduate studies I discovered that my performance improves when facedwith challenges, deadlines, risks or crisis situations. For instance, beingunder the stress of delivering an assignment for a very demanding lecturer, hasenabled me to gain the highest mark the lecturer has ever given.

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This led to myimprovement of research techniques and critical thinking capabilities. Theperson I admire most has helped me develop a burning desire and greatenthusiasm toward the field of operations and supply chain management. Giventhat my mother has these responsibilities in a small enterprise, sharing herexperiences and seeing how easily she deals with every crisis and the way shecapitalizes on every opportunity, intrigues me and encourages me to learn more.I am well aware that practice makes perfect and, being a realistic person, Iexpect the road to success to be hard. Considering the fact that I pursuedifficult situations, this motivates me more and more to pursue this careerpath. Mydesire to follow this particular masters program at the Manchester BusinessSchool, I can best explain as a child’s strong desire to fulfill his or herdream career. At a more mature level, it involves vision, long-term planning,aspirations and careful thought of future life actions. Given my developedinterest for operations and supply chain management, when looking for mastersprograms, I could only find either of them separately.

Since my desire tofollow both is so strong, this decision proved to be impossible. Consequently,this particular master program represents my ideal choice for postgraduatestudies. Choosing either one of these specializations would eventually requiremy passion and devotion for studying to be split. Thus, it can be easilyunderstood that my performance would excel when studying and researching bothfields. I am aperson who is not afraid and embraces change.

My experiences so far have mademe well aware that, particularly in operations, project and supply chainmanagement, new problems and new opportunities will constantly emerge. For thisreason, the closer I get to specializing in these fields, the more curious andenthusiastic I become.


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