I can recall the excitement that I felt as I tried to connect the different pieces in my head, while attentively listening to the explanation of process. My father, who is a telecom engineer, spurred my interest in computers at the age of 7 as he allowed me to accompany him in his task of repairing computers.

Thanks to this, I felt engrossed and inspirited by the convolution and beauty of computers and the way numerous pieces come together to form a complex machine.Most people think that a computer is a commodity that works like magic and enriches their lives. Nonetheless, when I first looked at a computer, I was interested by the underlying mechanisms that made it work.

Since then, I have been eager to forward my Computer Science knowledge. My passion for Computing, Maths and Physics has fueled my ambition to deepen my learning on this subject.In 2009 I decided to dig deeper on my knowledge of Computer Science by joining my school’s FIRST robotics team, which I am still a part of today. Over the next five years, I learnt about the different ways computers interact with the physical world and how to solve challenges by programming a robot as I acquired key communication, leadership and problem solving skills while being lead developer of the team, which won several awards.As I progressed in education, my interest in studying Computer Science grew exponentially. The low-level aspects of computing drew my attention as I wanted to understand how computers were able to process lots of data in practically no time. When I started high school, I learnt about algorithms, data structures and object-oriented programming.

I became familiar with Python and C as I learnt them along with David J. Malan’s MOOC “CS50”. This continuous self-teaching approach made me more interested and motivated while I gained organizational skills and understood the importance of meeting deadlines.Moreover, I was intrigued about how the Internet worked. I began reading “HTTP Pocket Reference” by Clinton Wong, which made me consider the Internet from a different perspective and understand the hidden technology allowing me to relate the compression of data and the logarithmic functions that I was learning in Maths.

I also learnt about different IoT devices such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.With the new MakerSpace at our school, a new opportunity was born for developing projects. As its Head Manager, I coordinate societies and clubs as well as keep an inventory of the supplies and resources. I also founded the school’s first Tech Society in association with Hack Club (an international network of high school CS societies), which led to an improvement of my responsibility and commitment skills.

In the last two years, I have been taking part in a lot of different Computer Science projects. Most of the time I contribute to Open Source projects on GitHub which allows me to take advantage of my knowledge of Git and VCS. In 2016, I co-founded ElderHub, my very own tech startup with a strong social impact as it aims to enhance medical assistance for the elders with the use of IoT and receiving recognition from Telefonica and Google. This year, I was awarded a scholarship by UC3M for a course on Information Security and participated in Google Code-in, an international OSS coding competition.

Since 2010, I have been a member of my school’s varsity swimming team, participating in regional championships that strengthened my hard working and teamwork abilities as well as a delegate of the Student Council Board. I have also put my CS knowledge to use by helping various NGOs and my school in different events such as MUN.I am most excited about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality as I consider that those will be the prominent innovation fields of the next decade. I look forward to study in the university and learn to build better and more sophisticated technologies that will enhance people’s lives in the future.


I'm Erica!

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