I would like to kickstart and commercialize my idea through the entrepreneurial project during the later part of the masters programme, nevertheless I find it important to have a clear career goal as an alternative in any case the project is unsuccessful. My short-term goal is to work in a b2b e-commerce start-up as a Product/Innovation Manager. With the availability of massive open online courses, I am currently building upon my coding skills as this will help me in achieving necessary skills to be a web developer in order to work closely with product designers and the product team as a whole. My plan is to stay with this company and job role for two-three years and move on to be an advisory/consultant role to new venture start ups preferable in e-commerce for another year or two. As a Product Manager, I hope to develop an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and commercialize innovative products on a broader and international scale. I look forward to leading the entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation such a position requires. A larger start-up would be ideal as this will hone my skills in managing complex products and enhance my team work skills by working with professionals from cross-funtional and multicultural backgrounds.One such company that I would like to work with is ‘inkClub’. inkClub is one of Sweden’s oldest e-commerce companies. The company currently conducts business in 10 countries and has a wide offering of consumables and today has some 4 million customers in its customer database. The achievement of my short-term goals will further enable my long term goal in four-five years to identify and launch my start-up with an innovative product/service in the field of e-commerce in India. Qatar is another option as I have a through understanding of the market through my work and business experience. Further, Qatari e-commerce is currently seeing exponential growth with high internet penetration. I thus plan to establish and operate an innovative product in the field of e-commerce that will offer a range of services suited to the emerging Indian or Qatari market. A Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme at this stage in my career forms the first step towards realization of my career objectives. While my undergraduate engineering degree did equip me well for the achievements that I have accomplished at present, a masters from Lund University will enable me to switch to a high tech related field. Additionally, the degree project with an in-depth scientific investigation during the masters programme will help me gain sound fundamentals and develop well-trained entrepreneurial instincts. With a sales and business development background, knowledge in entrepreneurial marketing will help me proceed further beyond deal-making towards identifying and assessing market opportunities, product positioning and marketing communications. Further, subjects in entrepreneurial finance and managing new venture growth will help me in transforming into a new generation leader for my company. 


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