I recommend that HR evaluate and monitor some of the behavior andwork that is taking place within the company.

HR needs to address the sexismand male privilege issue that is going on within their company. Deontologysupports my recommendation for this case because the nature of duty andobligation are a strong factor in this case. The fact is that sexism is morallyand ethically wrong. HR are the individuals that will handle misconduct, sexualharassments, etc. These individuals have a duty and obligation to see that allof their employees are being treated fairly and equally. Statistics show thatwomen are treated unfairly in the work environment and the gap is at astaggering high, the gig economy suggests that freelance work may make theproblem of male privilege even worse. If employees have a duty and responsibilityto carry out the duties of their job in a respectful and ethical manor, thenthe employers should ensure that they are protected and in every aspect in thework place.

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Utilitarianism supports this recommendation by clarifying what’sright and wrong. It is clear that it is wrong that Nicole was being treateddifferently than Martin when her signatures were sent to clients. Although HRshould be held accountable they cannot change the prejudices and discriminationagainst women. The code of ethics that would be applicable in this case toimprove the issue would be company values, responsibilities, and honesty.

The companyshould see that the values, responsibilities and honesty are fulfilled withinevery employee no matter the classification. 


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