I am and continueto be teacher who walks into her job everyday ready to help mold her studentsand help them achieve new heights because they are ready to learn because ofthe atmosphere I help create.  I want my students to set higher goals forthemselves and see the benefit of education because they should want toaccumulate the knowledge to gain a better life.

 I teach and guide my students in learning asmuch as possible.  As challenging asan inclusive classroom can be, I need to be sure that I take effective actions,in order to help all students succeed. I believe that it is important for me asthe teacher to work closely with special education teachers because they can bea great source of information.  This assures that there is a regularexchange of information and that proper training is utilized when working withthe inclusion students. “To provide students with disabilities appropriateeducational services in the setting that maximizes their potential, schoolsmust employ effective practices in identifying exceptional learners” (Hallahan& Kauffman & Pullen, 2012, p.

25). I frequently assess my student’sprogress in order to allow me to decide whether or not I should implement theresponse to intervention model (RTI) or even individualized education programs(IEP). In my opinion,technology brings different ways of learning into the classroom. It supportsand enhances what teachers and students can do in the classroom – whether it’san internet resource enriching a research assignment or a global positionalsystem (GPS) allowing students to work with real world problem solving. Iencourage my students to use technology to learn new things in a new way,create new things in a new and different way, and communicate in a new way. On the other hand,I also see myself taking the essentialist approach at times. There will alwaysbe that core curriculum that is essential for students to learn and know suchas reading, writing, speaking, and computing clearly and logically. Also,essentialists acknowledge the idea that core curriculum may change.

 I dobelieve there is a time and place for the essentialist approach but I try mybest to incorporate and facilitate it through varied learning methods.I consider myselfto be a progressive educator. “Defining education as a continuousreconstruction of experience” John Dewey states (Ryan & Cooper, p. 303,2013). As a progressive educator I believe that learning should beexperience-based and relevant to students’ lives.

I recognize my students’capabilities and adjust class material as needed in order to help them gain theknowledge they need to be successful students and citizens. Teaching in aninclusive classroom, makes it even more imperative for me to recognize mystudents’ capabilities. “Teachers must adapt the general education curriculumto meet the needs of all students” (McLeskey & Rosenberg & Westling,2010, p.17).From the time thatI was little until now, I always wanted to pursue a career in ElementaryEducation.

As I got older and began to coach hockey and work summer camps, Ifelt that I was heading in the right direction, with a teaching degree. Theenjoyment of watching kids succeed and knowing that I played a part in it wasand is an incredible feeling. Beyond these experiences, I myself had an incredibleteacher that had a positive impact on me from such a young age. He showed mehow rewarding this career field could be. As a struggling student, Mr. Stone showedme that I could in fact do well, learn, and succeed as long as I put in theeffort. He gave me the tools I needed to develop a love for learning andteaching. I could only hope that one day I would be a teacher like him; patient,caring, welcoming, accepting, intelligent, and supportive.

As a teacher, Ibelieve that I should enter my classroom with only the utmost expectations foreach of my students. My reason for this is that I believe if I want to teach mystudents, they will want to learn. I like to believe that I demonstrate andmodel an open mind, high expectations and a positive attitude towards learningin order to inspire and encourage my students to succeed with every task thatis thrown their way. Also, I aim to create a sense of community, a sense thatmy students and I have shared goals, are mutually supportive and respectful ofone another’s achievements, and understand that everyone contributes to theclass.

I try my best to keep my motives in mind, utilize a progressive andessentialist approach, integrate technology, and provide effective support formy special education students.  


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