I remember when I was
in primary class I was surrounded by various development boards. My father used
to restore or rebuild them and it always fascinated me and I always wanted to
know how various development boards operate.

After the 10th grade, we had to decide
which career path we were going to pursue, and pick our subjects accordingly. Therefore, I started to think what qualities
might aid me in my career and what I would be studying
after the exams.

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 I considered studying computer systems and
also computer networks. IT Technology has always fascinated me for several reasons. Firstly, by
gaining  knowledge in this specific field I can acquire valuable abilities like logical
thinking, knowledge of various systems and even
leadership skills. Secondly, IT Technology
will help me to develop my personal qualities and character features even further.

 To help you understand my current goals
better, I would like to explain my educational experience up to this point.

 The first substantial project that I made was
in spring 2017. It consisted of creating a website about the tourism across  Germany using HTML5 language. It was my
annual settlement of the 11th grade in lyceum. It took me about three months to make a full functional website and presentation. In addition, it went amazingly for me. I
stood up and went on stage facing the evaluation committee and the students. It
really boosted my motivation and confidence, and even allowed me to
step out of my comfort zone. I believe that it really changed my perspective on
some things, especially public speaking, a thing that I used to despise.

 In addition to that,
I took part in creating an
application for Androids. My job was
to manage a
server. I think that I demonstrated my best traits, imagination and punctuality included.

should also be mentioned that my favourite subjects are IT, Physics, Maths and History, because these are the lessons interest me the most,
and in which I am able to strive because of my aforementioned personal
qualities. I really enjoy dedicating myself to learn more in my spare time, as it is definitely going that could help my progress in the long

 Besides school and my plans for the IT Technology career, I enjoy working with cars,
especially in the field which concerns the electrical parts.

my opinion, a true IT specialist should be all-rounded. Any type of activity is going to help
one become more
confident and improve oneself. Other
enjoyments are traveling with my friends, exploring new places and meeting new
people. I think new acquaintances are crucial to
improve my speaking skills with strangers and help me socialize with people from various

 Recently I started to concentrate on programming and choose
to start with C++ language. Also, I am trying to keep up with the newest developments
and the most recent technological breakthroughs. In my opinion, IT Technology would be a
perfect subject for me. My goal is to become an IT specialist and be
a key part of our world, which is on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution.

 It might sound a bit ambitious, but I believe that by
doing even the smallest things, which change and impact only your surroundings,
you become a part of something bigger.

chose to study in Denmark because it is perspective and foreign bachelor’s
degree  is
respected in my country. Despite this I admire Danish educational system which admit students for what they are and it doesn’t
matter the most what the student is capable of, what matters the most is what
he is willing to learn and give in return to the society. Also, I chose to
study here because I want to enhance my English language experience which is necessary these days.

 In order to do so, I need to gain more knowledge and skills and I am confident that your business academy
teachers is surely going to provide me with the required traits in
order to become a true IT specialist.


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