I believe that this case study research of child obesity andits’s correlation with their sports participation is a very important studybecause for years the government have been looking for a suitable solution toreduce the rising number of children which are currently obese. This study isimportant as it is essential that each child and their parents know the advantagesof maintaining good health by engaging in some sort of activity for at least anhour a day, and by eating correctly too so that there are no health risks foryoung children. With this study, I hope to find out some key reasons as to whyyoung children predominately aged 5-10 become obese at such a young age andwhat’s their parents attitude towards this. Childhood obesity are problems thatwill only become even worse and have negative long-term influences on thehealth of the child.

There are a lot of factors as to why the children end upto the point of being obese. These can include things such as genetic factors,low levels of physical activity and increased levels of being sedentary and themost common factor is their lifestyle and diet. According to (Thibault and Rolland-Cachera 2003) Childhoodobesity is now being considered to be major public health problems and theincreasing problem will have major health consequences which are likely to havean impact on the lives of a high percentage of children. This can alsopotentially represent a significant drain on healthcare resources if appropriateaction isn’t taken to try and reduce the growing numbers of young children whoare deemed as obese (Ehtisam et al 2004). A recurring theme in the journalarticles that I have observed and read is that a common cause of childhoodobesity is that there is a major imbalance between the intake of energy and theexpenditure. A hugely growing number of children as young as 5 years oldare currently being identified as obese, which in turn is sparking majorconcern for the youth into account the body mass index of the children.

 Body mass index (BMI) is a person’s weight inkilograms divided by their height, according to the BMI measurements if aperson has a BMI of 27.3 or more than they are officially categorised as obese.Child obesity is on the rise again unfortunately and it is a key issue thatneeds to be addressed.

The underlining problem with child obesity is obviously thehuge health risks that come with it, childhood obesity can have a very harmfuland dangerous effect on the body in a variety of ways. Children with thisproblem are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterolfor example. Obese children are more likely to grow and develop into obeseadults which can end up being more severe. Another problem with this topic isthat children with this weight problem are also more likely to have a lowself-esteem and this may be the reason as to things such as anti-socialbehaviour and psychological problems which can easily continue into adulthood.  In terms of sport development being obese seriously puts thechild at a disadvantage, an example would be in athletics PE lesson, if theobese child shows that they aren’t able to perform at a high-level due to theirweight might make them fall out of love with sport and they could end upthinking that there is no point in participating, so they become even more sedentaryand watch their weight problems worse and become more severe.

A possiblesolution to children with obesity would be that local volunteers or coaches inthe community come together and deliver a multi-sports camp for children aged5-10 which would be free and the sessions would last for an hour on a specificday every week after school for example or on the weekends. This would help fixthe problem that the obese children aren’t doing anything to help keepingactive and eventually steer them clear from obesity. In order to help persuade thosethat would benefit from the sessions to come, the council or school should openthese sessions to those who have limited ability in sport and would like tocome practice and improve in a variety of sports. This means that all thechildren who would be attending would have a common interest which would be to improvetheir ability to play a range of sports such as football, tag rugby, basketballetc.   However, for this sport sessions to have an instant impact onthe children’s health, it’s extremely important that a doctor or health expertare able to sit some parents down who’s child is obese and explain to them howdangerous it is if the child carries on living their current lifestyle. At theend of the day it’s also worth noting that the children are not able to influencewhat they’re fed which is causing them this obesity problem as they’re not oldenough to know what food is good to eat consistently and which isn’t so good.

Once the parents are sat down and given cheap, alternative options that theirchildren can eat which would help them to get rid of their obese problem. I believethat this alternative can potentially help increase sport participation inyoung children. I think it hasn’t been done already throughout the communitysimply because of the costs that it would eventually come to, especially if thesessions start to get popular and more children started to show an interest inparticipating. That would mean that more coaches would have to come in andpossibly more days would have to be added to the training session schedule sothat it doesn’t become too packed with a lot of children and harder to managefor the coaches. Another problem that could potentially arise with a healthexpert to talk to parents about better options that their child can do or take toimprove their health may come across as if the parents are doing a bad job inbringing up their child at home and many parents can take offence to that. Also,it would cost a significant amount of money to get an expert to sit with eachparent to discuss their child’s health so a solution to this would be to offerall parents a brochure of some kind and it could have a few ideas on what achild can do at home to stay active and also what a parent at home can do inorder to give their child the best possible opportunity to improve their healthand lifestyle. This would be a good way to go about this matter withoutunintentionally criticising parents and they wouldn’t feel singled out by theschool/community that their child’s weight is potentially a big problem andthey’re not doing anything about it.

Also, in this brochure/booklet the parentswould receive a lot of healthy recipes and fresh ideas that they’re bound to ofnot thought of which could end up being very beneficial to the child.


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