Iam very pleased to you that giving me a chance to take part in selectionprocess of Dublin Institute of Technology. I Rohit Ganesh Khairnar completedgraduation from Vikas college of arts, Commerce and science, Vikhroli, Mumbai.Maharashtra India and Post-graduation from Dr.D.

Y. Patil university-Belpaur,Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India. So please grant me to apply for Master’s degreeand consider for further admission process in your esteemed university college ofDublin. From a young age I have always wanted to knowand why the things work around me. Science was my favourite subject throughoutprimary and secondary school and I still love studying Biology, Chemistry. Thereason I excel in these subjects is largely because I find them incrediblyinteresting and I love learning new things.

I always knew that I wanted to goto university and study a scientific subject and when a family member describedher experiences of studying food science, I knew it would be the perfect coursefor me. Iwould like to take this opportunity to explain the extenuating circumstancesthat led to score less grades in my bachelor’s i.e (53% Grade B) in the pursuitof an graduate degree. The reasons for this was I used to be unwell most of thetime and that is the reasons It was hard to attend the classes, Later, I provedmyself the in master’s I have scored good marks i.e 66.08%.

Grade “B” whichclearly shows that I am capable of doing Master’s degree at your university. Iwould like to go for Master of  FoodSafety Management. Dublin Institute of Technology is known the best for itsspecialization in food safety Management which means that I will be taught bytop researchers and experts. Studying in Dublin Institute of Technology also offersopportunities for professional networking and will be my collaboration partnerin the future.

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Dublin Institute of Technologywill not only help me to gain better knowledge, but also to open my vision moreabout developing food safety in a global perspective. I can fit with theseprogram considering my background study, my life experience, my maturity and mypassion. Dueto my distinguished academic and experimental performance, I came to theattention of our College’s one of the best student and when I started to dominor project “INNOVATIVE METHODS TOENHANCE SHELF LIFE OF FRESH CUT PRODUCE” at Sealed air(R&D) India for 2months and completed it successfully. I have also done my semester project on “DEVELOPMENT AND QUALIITY ASSESMENT OFPACKED TENDER COCONUT WATER” at Hector Beverages Mysore Karnataka for 6months and completed successfully. The main agenda of doing my minor projectwas that the FSR (fast serving restaurant) they require sliced and dicedvegetables and there are many companies who provide this cut vegetable but theydon’t last more than 2-3days but our techniques which was vacuumed pack stayedfor more than 7 days. In major project was in New Product Developmentdepartment where I have worked on the coconut water juice as new flavour inwhich the extraction of coconut water from coconut and by using pasteurizationtechniques it had the shelf life of 3 months also wrote thesis on same.   Ihave been interested in reading food processing journals including “Journal offood science and technology” by Indian council of agricultural research and “Indianjournal of nutrition & Dietetics” Review since the start of my undergraduatetraining. These magazines intellectually stimulated and forced me to thinkabout solutions to problems related to Food technology that can be solved bynovel ideas.

 Ihave completed 2 internships at different companies·        Sealedair India Pvt Ltd: – (2 months-2016)-Packaging company(worked on project of Innovativemethods to enhance shelf life of fresh cut produce)·        Hectorbeverages (06 months):- Worked in R dept. for project Development andquality assessment of tender coconut water.Key learning: – – Production,Quality assurance, Packaging departmentI am choosing IRELAND because I amconfident that the post graduate program related to food technology will suitmy academic needs.

I know this university is best for its food safety, food technologyand food business management courses, research activities of professors and Ihope to collaborate with these scientists and the degrees are recognized allaround the world. The Ireland is well known to environment of academicexcellence. My basic career goal is to become accomplished in the field ofoverall food industries study. I am interested in learning Food technology,food safety and food business management. I want to continue my furthereducation in Ireland (Specialization in food safety ; Risk analysis).

In addition, I am so much interested in being involved with best academicteaching and research, for which I strongly believe that your esteemeduniversity is ideally suited for my further career. Rohit Ganesh Khairnar 


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