I have completed Bachelor of Engineering inElectrical Engineering from Mumbai University. I possess some IT skills. Duringthe third year, I got a chance to study Project Management which has got itsimplementation in business sector. The subject called as Business Communicationand Ethics has helped me in improving my communication and presentation skills.I have also learned Matlab software in second year.

I had also got a chance tolearn Project designing during final year. My final year academic project was aboutelectricity generation by windmill using the principle of maglev. It wasbasically designed to overcome the drawbacks of conventional windmill byreplacement of ball bearings and increased efficiency. The other advantages ofimplementing this project were that it does not create noise pollution and itrequires less maintenance. This project has taught me team management,presentation skills, designing PCB. This experience has taught me importance ofunderstanding large scale implications of small scale technology advances aswell. How it is important to amalgamate knowledge of both engineering andtechnical concepts and business knowledge.I was also asummer intern at Indian Railways where I learned the types of locomotives,their working and components.

I got a chance to learn the practicalimplementation of the circuits I studied in Power Electronics. I have alsolearnt types of batteries used in the charging and discharging of variouselectrical components and various types of Electrical Machines. The IndianRailways appoints a Chief Technical Officer (Electrical/ Mechanical) for every locoshed.   I got a chance to study under theElectrical section. The Chief Electrical Engineer (CEE) also functions as Electrical Inspector to theGovernment in respect of all high voltage electrical installations andequipment owned by the Railways. In regard to electric traction installations,in his capacity as Electrical Inspector, CEE is chiefly responsible for the scrutinizationand approval of the layout and designs for sub-stations, Over Head Equipmentsand other installations for compliance with the Indian Electricity Act andRules. He has to inspect the completed installations, either personally or bydeputing his officers, for compliance with the safety requirements. He has toinvestigate electrical accidents and issue directives to prevent their recurrence;and to Central Electricity Authority.

His subordinates are appointed the workof general planning andsupervision to ensure efficient and safe maintenance and operation of theinstallations under his charge in accordance with prescribed schedules and regulationsalong with study of the day-to-day technical and organizational problems ofoperation and maintenance and initiation of appropriate measures to deal withthese. Their other duties are man-power planning for effective maintenance atminimum cost. This experience has helped me inlearning problem solving skills along with careful planning and reviewing theorganizational set-up required for satisfactory maintenance and operation ofthe services.At presenttimes, the banking sector has undergone digitalization. The innovation in thefields of Information technology and engineering has led to transfer of moneyfrom one corner of world to another at a mouse’s click. The development indigital currency has led to invention of Bitcoin.

  It represents a newly-launched open sourcedigital currency that helps create transactions, investments, and interestswhich are out of government control, and decentralized by nature. My role as anengineering management would be to Develop management control systems to makefinancial planning and cost analysis more efficient. My dreamrole is to work as a financial analyst. I have excellent problem solving andanalytical skills. I am also good at statistics and maths. The above mentionedqualities are key requirements for a successful career in finance. The programof Engineering Management  will help mein acquiring knowledge regarding finance and accounts management along withamalgamation of IT skills which will definitely help me in getting my dreamjob. My dream job is to work as a finance directorat Bank of America.

The global growth of crowd funding platforms connectingstart-ups with investors is enabling individuals to seek higher returns, whichmay eventually cause them to move their investments away from traditionalwealth management.FIT’s  Career Management Services contributes to theoverall professional development of their students by assisting them inapplying for jobs and internships. Having engendered  your alumni which consist of bigger names likeSunita Williams, I am particularly keen to study at the department ofengineering management in FIT as it provides an ideal environment to pursue myinter disciplinary skills and your significance on exploration. Life at FIT isquite balanced between social and professional one. Youruniversity imparts excellent career preparation facilities for graduatestudents which demonstrate your commitment towards them. Your university also provides excellentresearch facilities for students in their favored field of engineeringmanagement. I am thrilled to learn that Prof. Tilley Scott teaches the subjectof System Life Cycle Cost Estimation.

This course will help me in calculatingthe most practical ways to deal with venture implementation, evaluate future assetnecessities, detailing of assets utilized now or before and improving frameworkoutline. Moreover, FIT’s culture imparts business rehearses in morals andsocial sensitivities through project teams. Subsequently, I urge you to give my application an attentivethought. I anticipate a scholastic profession at your regarded University.


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