I choose prohibition because I wanted to do something involving the stock market crash which leads me to the great depression which was too broad and then I ended on prohibition. I decided to stay with prohibition because I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go with it and how I wanted to execute it. This topic also was important to me because I have family who believed that alcohol shouldn’t be illegal and parents that think it should be illegal.

This is a good way for me to determine if prohibition was good or badI began my research looking for anything about prohibition in general. I saved articles about beforehand and used the research for my background knowledge or background information tab on my website. After I found why it was a problem. I found how it was lucrative and made the government lose money, while also frustrating people who wanted a ban on alcohol that could never be enforced enough to keep it from not-existing. I then proceeded to find information about what ended prohibition, I found the 21st amendment I then used this and other laws that were passed as primary sources that ended prohibition. Then after I found what ended prohibition I found the rest of my information by filling in the blanks between the start and end of prohibition.

 I didn’t find many problems with my research, but I had trouble choosing what I wanted to focus on, In the beginning of my first paragraph I mentioned how I  had to go through the Stock Market crash to the Great Depression to the Prohibition. I decided on prohibition, but I did have other thoughts, such as going for something along the lines of poverty or even government corruption, but everything didn’t have solid enough evidence to support conflict and compromise. Some had a conflict others only had a compromise, but none had everything and none came close to having as much supporting evidence as Prohibition and that is why I choose it.  My project relates very well to Conflict and Compromise by having not just two sides but three. The three sides are the Government, Pro-Prohibition, and bootleggers.

By having these three parties they had a common conflict, prohibition, each side wanted something by changing the law. The government wanted control over the alcohol business, Pro-Prohibition wanted to make the laws harsher on bootleggers, and finally, bootleggers wanted to remove the ban entirely. Obviously, there is no way that any of these can go because it gives too much power to one party.

Their compromise to this conflict was the 21st Amendment which removed the 18th amendment, they also made an alcohol tax and a few other things which made everything come together. In the long run, it made every party happy for different reasons, bootleggers were because the ban was removed, the government got a portion of the alcohol business, and the people who were pro-prohibition got laws restricting alcohol.


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