I went to two different international schools. Thefirst international school I attended was called Korea International School(KIS).

It was a small private school. Based on Milner’s standard, KIS would be classifiedas urban intensive because it was located in a large city (560). My parents hada precise plan for my education. They planned to send me to this school justuntil 3rd grade. They wanted me to enjoy school, to form closerelationships with teachers, and to make childhood friends. This was easier forme to do at this school because KIS was attached to my preschool, naturally leadingmany of my preschool friends to move to the same elementary school. My schoolwas exactly 3 minutes away from my house by car and so my mom always drove meto school.

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I was quite a weak, petite child and often got sick. This was one ofthe biggest reasons why my parents decided to live near school. They understoodthat my health could put a brake on my ability to learn, as healthier childrentend to learn better (Basch 4). The school was relatively new and supplied goodquality resources to students. The library provided books for all grades rangingfrom kindergarten to high school. My parents were involved in a lot of schoolevents as my mom was a member of PTA. This helped me to further engage inschool events as well.

In addition to this, I was able to make friends witheveryone in my class even with the two boys who had slight delays in theirdevelopments. Unlike the other kids in my class who rejected to be friends withthe two boys, I was able to get close to them after seeing my mom form close relationshipswith every mom in my class.


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