I am a working professional with 5 years experience in IT industry. I always aspired to do my higher studies. So I would like to take forward the experience that I already have and do a course which would enhance my ability and provide a wide exposure in my career. I particularly chose MIS or business analytics ,sinceit has management subjects in it ,which I am reallyinterested in.I wanted to do my MBA as I see that it is better to choose a course which gives a good weight to work experienceand can practicallybe useful in the course of study.During btech I was in the organizing committee of ISTE(it is a student chapter). In my college we conducted several events under this chapter, here the crucial role I played was that ,I channelized the way it had to work.

I formulated different divisions for organizing the event .which are script making, anchoring, campaigning, student management, prize and certificate distribution, faculty coordination. This took of in a great way and we trained our juniors in the same method. The number actually tripled and they were able to organize it better than us which made me very happy.

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in the organization ,as I am senior member in the team ,I trained new members of the team in my area of expertise and the knowledge transfer is a constant process.I presented papers during btech on artificial neural networks for enose in the event trance 08 (a nationallevel student technical symposium) and won secondprize.I did two projects during my btech. 1.

automatic room light controller 2.finger print based attendance system Both are microcontroller based projects. Second one is my main project. In this we got a bio metric module to authenticate students and calculate attendance based on it. I was the team leader for the project.We werea batchof four, we had to program,integrate and document the project.

I worked in Sweden for 10 months. I was a part of task force during that tenure where i had team mates working from Russia, Sweden and America. We had to coordinate and had to arrive on a common solution.I would like to mention how i got inspired to study management subjects. I realized that I was good at management ,when I was in college ,when i was an organizer and volunteer .

Also, I strongly decided to do it when I worked in Sweden, during my onsite tenure because of the international exposure.I would like to see myself as a independent consultant .I am generally interested in consolidating, streamlining and forming processes for any existing system. I would like to be a part of startups and NGOs whichworktowards the child education.


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