entrepreneur is a person who can spot an opportunity in the market, create a
small business, run that business properly and develop it into a successful

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entrepreneurial person must have certain psychological characteristic and
behaviors, it is it this optic that the Durham University Business School developed the General measure of
Enterprising Tendency (GET2test) test in 1988, an international well-known test
which has been used by academics and researchers as well, to determine the
enterprising tendency of the test taker.


On the get2test, I scored 65/100 which means that I am
occasionally enterprising. An occasional enterprising person is the one who
prefer to work within an existing organization and participate actively in the
growth of this enterprise, furthermore, I can also fit in the profile of a
“voluntrapreneur” (a person who prefer to create and run projects in the
community, usually for no financial reward).

The test highlights five traits of entrepreneurship and my
performance on each one of them.

for Achievement: having scored 75/100 on this trait, I
might have characteristics such as: being an optimist, I rely on my own
ability, I manage my schedule effectively, I look for positive results, I might be
restlessness, have a strong drive and high energy levels, I have strong ideas and want to defend them, I am
responsible and persistent in the pursuit of my goals, willing to work
harder and enough to meet my goals, despite difficulties I always want to
reach my objectives.                                                                                                                           In my opinion someone’s needs to achieve something in
his life or throughout a certain period is one trait which can define
one’s ability to be entrepreneurial, however I don’t believe that I have
the above highlighted characteristics in italic.

Need for autonomy: on
this characteristic I scored 50/100 which is low compared to what I scored to
the other sections of the test. Independence, determination and individualism
are my strength but if I want to create my own venture or enterprise I should work
on my independent leadership qualities.

Though, a lot of people dream of becoming CEOs
early in their life, I am one of those who believe that I will have to take
some regular jobs first, to gain experience and maturity before the possibility
of creating my own venture. Interacting with people and understanding
everyone’s opinion is an important skill that I must develop.


Creative Tendency:  having got 75/100, my get2test shows that I might
be creative but limited to disruptive innovation and game changing ideas.
However, I may not be able to apply new technologies in a skillful way in my

Though the test provides a clear picture of my
abilities at this trait, it does not explain the cause of this limitation based
on the questions answered


Calculated Risk-Taking:
on this part of the test I scored 58/100 which is a medium
score. I might be able to calculate the possibility of whether my projects are
likely to success and be decisive in action taking. Nevertheless, I would
prefer to take less risky task or tested ones.


Though taking calculated risk is one of the
main characteristic of entrepreneurs, it is also one ofmy weaknesses that I
recognize. As someone who studied veterinary medicine in high school, an
important emphasize was always put on prevention and the danger of taking
risks. Therefore, I hope I might be able to judge different opportunities and
the risks involved at the end of this course.

Locus of control: having
scored a medium score of 58/100 on this part, my characteristics are: being
opportunistic, determined and confident. Yet, I should learn more about how to
develop my ideas and be more self-confident.

One’s ability to control his life and to know
that he is responsible for his own destiny is one of the most important
characteristic of entrepreneur, consequently, each one of us who wishes to be entrepreneurial
should develop this characteristic.


The advantages of this test are that it has highlighted five
of the most important characteristics of entrepreneur which allows one to
relatively know his strength and weaknesses in each one of them and relate to
one’s own interpretation of his attitude for educational purposes and
self-improvement. Furthermore, thought it is a precise tool for self-discovery,
it still inexpensive.

Nevertheless, I wish the test would be more precise in
explaining what might be the causes of one’s weakness on some sections of the
test. Moreover, one could have gotten more options in responding to the
questions, for example, instead of agreeing and disagreeing only, one should
have the possibility to be neutral, to strongly disagree or agree. In addition
to that, the test can not be used for hiring purposes, since one can fake
certain traits of his personality, for example I retook the test responding as
a highly entrepreneurial person would have responded and scored 85/100.

Overall, the test had helped me realize what are my ups and
downs as an aspiring entrepreneur, tough It could have been more explicit in
presenting some conclusion on the results, for example: creative tendency. Still,
it is up to me now to work on my personality and develop an entrepreneurial



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