I am applying  for the Master’s degree program in Information
Technology offered by Charles Sturt University, Australia, for the sole purpose
of enhancing my skills in the field of distributed systems. I graduated on 2013
at K.C.A University, Nairobi, with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with
specialization in Distributed Systems. Having worked  in the technology environment in this country
for almost 6 years, I would like to venture in world of information systems
security. My career focus is on consulting, designing and developing  effective and efficient security protocols
that will be able to combat any threats that may compromise any individual’s or
organization’s data or information.

completing my undergraduate degree, I joined the Kenya Wildlife Services’
Information Technology department as an intern. This is where my skills and
capability were first tested. It was a wonderful  experience working there. On a normal day we
would receive calls from fellow workmates asking for assistance that was
computer related. Tasks varied from setting up 
new computers, computer repairs, maintaining networks, updating
antivirus software ,outlook configurations for new staff. During my free time I
would code using  Java language. I did a
number of projects so as to sharpen my skills. From the simplest lines of code
of displaying “Hello World”, to the complex line of codes that created
and maintained a database. I also took interest in Android mobile computing.
When I was too bored ,I would go to the national park and pass time with the
wildlife. These were some of the perks of working in a national park.

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my internship ended, I went to work for my father’s  company in 2014. I worked in the IT department
. My duties were maintaining the central server which all terminals were
connected, back up of data onsite and offsite, update of the antivirus software
and repair of computer hardware, to mention a few. During my time there, I
worked hard and diligently.

heard of Charles Sturt University through word of mouth from a relative . I
gained interest and researched the institution online for thorough and precise knowledge.
Based on the research I  carried out, I
found out that Charles University has a unique approach on carrying out their
lectures especially on my course of preference. Another thing that stood out
for me, was the fact that there are many CSU campuses all over Australia.
Melbourne, a city that defines  opportunity  and diversity, has attracted many people from
all walks of life. CSU has a campus in Melbourne too. The deciding factor that
convinced me that CSU is  the best, is a
research by Uni Reviews which showed that CSU Study Centre in Melbourne, was ranked
2nd in Australia in the field of Computer Science. Positive testimonies of
other international studies from CSU in an online platform further helped  influence  my decision.



I am convinced of my ability to succeed in the
Masters degree program of Information Technology offered by Charles Sturt University.
I have been diligent and professional during my short career and I have a huge
desire to learn all that I can. I hope my background and qualifications are
found to be satisfactory for a Masters degree in Information Technology at
Charles Sturt University.


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