I see Dickinson College’s alumnus class of 2021 where Sophie Kivlehan proudly tells everybody about her school. I see Dickinsonians’s unique perspectives on every subject. I see President Margee Ensign, enthusiastic and wise, at the Global Business School Network Annual Conference. I see the Red Devils running along the Biddle Field Stadium. I see students focusing on research and making observations through microscopes. Dickinson College has not only intrigued me, but it also feels like a place where I can undertake a wonderful journey.

A journey full of hard work, revelries, and joy. A journey home.First and foremost, I hope to attend Dickinson because its Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers a high-quality and rigorous academic program.

Vietnam is in the top 2 percent of countries worldwide with regard to cancer sufferers. Each year, our country witnesses more than 120,000 cases of people dying from cancer. The second most prevalent form of cancer is stomach disease.

This derives from our unregulated food and its components.This fact, and a desire to do something about the situation, brought forth in me a longing to study biochemistry. This allows me to study structures, functions and interactions of biological macromolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, not only in foods but also in the living body, thereby allowing me know more about hazardous and healthy components in food.

Dickinson Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program offers the opportunity for me to do just that. Unique among the nation’s departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dickinson  students are encouraged explore a wide array of topics, including gene regulation, protein structure and function, intermediary metabolism, genetics, developmental genomics, medical biochemistry, and thermodynamics. The program is interdisciplinary, requiring coursework in both the chemistry and biology departments, as well as a capstone research experience. This is both a challenge and an opportunity I crave.

Moreover, it would be a great honor for me to get involved in research on the use of fruits in the treatment of the cancer, which is supervised by Dr. Joseph Bull, whom I admire greatly for his publication entitled “Fruit And Seaweed Polyphenols: Potential Inhibitors Of Amyloid Aggregation In Alzheimer’s Disease”. His publication made me think about how to utilize fruits such as soursop to slow the spread of cancer or make traditional cancer therapies work more effectively.Through my research on Dickinson, I came to sense the spirit of studying abroad at every corner of  the department. If I am able to study at Dickinson, I hope that in the future I can study at Dickinson’s connected school – University of East Anglia, to widen my perspective and deepen my knowledge.At Dickinson, I could also utilize the great facilities for studying, research, and recreation. The Waidner-Spahr Library facilitates access to information in all formats by maintaining a physical and digital library environment that enhances research, study and community by nurturing, in library users, the critical approaches to information necessary for academic success, professional accomplishment, and lifelong learning.

Moreover, The Kline Fitness Center is the perfect place for me to wind down with sports after hours of studying.I believe that Dickinson College also has a strong community service program in which I would love to get involved. In high school, I participated in, and organized, different community service projects such as teaching autistic and underprivileged children, organizing experiments and providing lab experience to students from remote areas and fundraising to build houses for people who lost everything in the flood in the Mekong Delta River. Learning about  Dickinson’s Community Service in general, and Montgomery Service Leaders in particular,gave me the sense that I would have a strong connection with many other Tulane students interested in helping the community. I would love to be one of the Dickinsonians building  houses, cutting grass, cleaning streets, serving food, and distributing clothing to local people in need, helping the surroundings and the community. These activities will help me to become the leader helping organizations serving for Carlisle people.

These activities will help me to contribute to the leading support organizations working for the people of Carlisle.Finally, at Dickinson, I really hope to participate in extracurricular activities.I can imagine my evenings learning to use the planetarium with the Astronomy Club and days learning new dance routines, as dancing is one of my hobbies. I believe participating in modern dance with the Dance Theater group will help to improve my skills.

Last but not least, after conquering nearly 10 sports, I am thrilled at the prospect of learning two new sports: fencing and lacrosse at Dickinson. Both academically and personally, Dickinson has all I have dreamed of from my overseas experience and I, in return, have the attitude and desire to contribute positively to Dickinson.


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