I found my passion in the sciences when I first got my pet hamster, Smoky. I found him limping around my garden when I was 6 years old, he was abandoned by his previous owner because of a huge lump on his left foot and couldn’t walk like a normal hamster, thus require special care. Ever since learning how to take care of another being, I have always held the passion for caring for the ill. I have become enthralled by the thought of working in the healthcare industry because it can directly improve the lives of animals and people in the community.My passion for the sciences has furthered compounded while studying for the A levels where good time management, being able to cope and perform effectively under stressful conditions and being highly self-motivated are paramount.

 The subjects I took for A-level have helped further motivate me to develop my critical analytical skills. Math has honed my problem-solving skills and allowed me to approach problems systematically. Project work has provided me the opportunity to work in tandem with others and have helped to develop my interpersonal skills, which is definitely a critical quality to have today.

 I am a highly self-motivated, self-aware and curious individual who strives to constantly improve myself and learn new things that are not usually taught in a typical classroom setting. For example, I took on an espresso course to learn how to make coffee just because I was curious and I even graduated with a dean’s list certificate. I always love a good challenge; I look forward to the heavy academic and social obstacles that I might face in university. I am well aware of the huge commitment and demands of the career in the healthcare sector but my passion and desire have only been strengthened through my volunteering experiences.

At school, I am an in-charge for the interact club which focuses on planning and executing of fundraising and spreading awareness for different groups of the less fortunate, this has allowed me to honed my public speaking skills and voicing out my opinions effectively. I visit a children’s home once a week to help out with the coaching of the younger children there and acted as an older role model and this has helped me to improve my communication and leadership abilities and also matured me into a well-rounded individual who loves to inspire and help out others around her. I often yearn for new methods to nurture my passion in the healthcare sector.

I am also very enthusiastic to develop my understanding of the scientific domain by visiting a pet shelter whenever I have the free time to helping out as a veterinary assistant to take care of the abandoned animals to get the experience I desired to fulfill my innate curiosity. I have also done an internship at my local hospital by shadowing a doctor doing her daily rounds to check on her patients, it further fuelled my desire to be in the healthcare industry due as I was inspired by her motivation to help others and the empathetic approach she took to check on her patients.I aim to not only strive for academic excellence but also to gain a more global and worldly perspective on things. I hope to be given an opportunity to be able to pursue a tertiary education in the United Kingdom, as it would be an eye-opening chance to allow me to broaden my perspective and experience a different culture to allow me to mature into a responsible global citizen. It would also allow me to experience the rich cultural traditions in Britain; British universities are also esteemed for their well-balanced academic programs, which allow their students to develop important professional skills through participation in research projects. I have participated in several overseas exchange programs with students from China, Indonesia, Denmark and New Zealand.

 The exchange programs have been an extraordinary experience that allowed me to learn more about other cultures and their practices, thus being more aware and understanding of our differences. In essence, I would think that I am a sociable and well-edged individual who is highly motivated to help improve other’s lives by contributing to the improvement of the healthcare sector in the future. I strongly believe we can develop our medical industry to allow the further improvement of other’s illnesses and discomfort. Hence, this is something I can’t wait to achieve through a healthcare course in your university.



I'm Erica!

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