I have always heard TV shows or producers use the phrase “the Battle of the Sexes” It is a curios frace to me, it is saying that there are two forces giving all their efforts to defeat the other. It suggest that there is something to fight for and that the other person wants it like this.    There are hundreds of deaths a year and most of them are women killed by men close to them, or men who killed them, in some sense, because they were women or any other reason.

Nearly ninety five percent of violent crimes against women are committed by men. But that does not mean that women are the only ones who are being harmed by this. Women can often be the abuser too and not only the victim.

The idea of treating things like this as a one way street and focusing only one female victims and male abusers is wrong. One “side” is attacking, and one “side” is dying, and the same has been happening for years. So why is it we always say “Battle of the Sexes”? We romanticize the idea of it and look at it as something fun because most people don’t realize how a simple sentence can stay in the back of our mind and influence our everyday decisions, this is actually something bad that is causing hundreds of deaths.        This metaphor allows men to force their power in reactionary and unjust ways, because they can perceive themselves as if they are under attack from women.It draws attention away from the actual violence which is committed by men against women and something that not most people realize because they do not actually think about the effects it actually has.

 The “battle of the sexes” makes encourages the assumption about competition and privilege, while  looking firmly away from violence and its fatal consequences it has towards both genders. And not only is this word that is affecting the people. Things like this are everywhere in the media, movies, billboards, books etc. and harm us on a day to day basis.

I want to change this, no one seems to be stepping up and calling out what the media has to say about women or the abuse they portray as something natural that is supposed to happen. I want to make movies that challenge this idea and make the world a better place. To open people’s eyes and make them realize the effect it has on us and everyone around us.


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