I woke up in a dark room with no windows,
and the door was locked from the outside. And I found a necklace
which was made of red crystal, it was on
the ground, and I was shocked because it
was the necklace that my mom was wearing when she got killed by my father. And
the necklace dropped on the ground, and
the crystal fell apart.

“Keep running; I cannot
stop running!” Thought Alfred, running as fast as his can, but his legs
could not handle the pressure. Alfred was
running in the forest, a couple of miles from the castle. It all happened so sudden
that I could not do anything. I was in the asylum, which has been my home since
I was 12. And my father beat me and murdered my mother. something just snapped,
I went insane and leaped up, sprinted to my father, grabbed his knife out of
his hand, and I asked him why he killed my mother, and again and again. By the
time the police got to my house, I was stabbing a knife and pointing to my
father. I was outraged and out of my mind. I still don’t know what happened
after the police pulled me back because it left a blank in my memory. I wouldn’t
even be able to recognize myself. After that, I spent many years in an asylum,
reliving that night over and over again. Now, the time has passed, I have moved
on. After about 20 years, I fell into a coma After about a year and a half, I
woke up from the coma, without any memory, and just one word in my head.

“Alfred” was that… was that my name? No clue about my last name, but
just “Alfred.” Then I accidently fell into a hole. ” Agh!”
I muttered, propping my body up slowly, with the help of my arms. It was too
dark, and I was scared. I can’t remember anything. “Who am I,” I questioned.

Meanwhile, my head was pounding as if I had hundreds of ­hammers beating my
skull. I tried to look around and find out where I was. There were dark, red
lights and red walls. I heard a horrible noise. Beep, beep, beep. “Am I dead?”
I wondered, taking in a deep breath through my mouth. “Agh!” I
exclaimed as my nose was attacked by a mix of the smell iodine and ammonia,
blood and so many other things. As I looked around, I notice a heart monitor
next to me “Ah! A sickroom! That explains the beeping.” I was
horrified when I realized where I was. “You are up.” Said a feminine
voice, as a pungent smell of peach perfume, mixing with all of those horrible
smells. “Where am I?” I asked. “You’re in a hospital in London,
and you have been quite a mystery to us. Then she began to ask me many usual
questions, What is your date of birth? What is your official name? Etc. The
exciting part didn’t come up until a few days after when I was released from
the hospital, and the weirdest thing happened. There was a man waiting for me.

I walked up to the waiting chauffeur. “Good afternoon Mister George.”
Said the chauffeur. “George?” I doubted. “My name is Alfred George?”
So, I walked up to this seven feet tall man. His has a rough looking face, with
some terrifying freckles on his chin, as if he were just starting to grow a
beard. He had a regular­sized mouth and a
huge scar across his nose. His eyes were so black that they seemed to stare
into my soul. Besides, he had a common style haircut in his short, black hair.

As I walked close to the man, he put his hand on my back, and he said,
“Come this way.” His voice was so deep that made me feel anxious. He
didn’t say it, but the message was clear, ‘you either come with me, or …’ I got
in the car, and I knew it was a new car because of the horrible smell. And, with
that smell, it reminds me some flashbacks when I was under the table, scared
out of my mind, and I heard screaming, mixed with the laugh of a maniac, an
evil laugh that could only be from a scary person. Then  I heard footsteps as I looked around to check the
corners, I saw my father stood behind me covered in blood, and his eyes are
almost red, and my mother was standing next to him. I was terrified and tried
to find a way out, and my father jumped at me. At that moment, I could
recognize that smell; it was the smell of a corpse. When we arrived, we were at
a huge castle. I saw many crows resting on the rooftop. The castle has five floors
and about ten rooms on every floor. It was typical old fashioned style. In the
garden, I saw a young man, about 30 years old in a trench coat with dark brown
hair. And he was gone after I blinked my eyes. When I walked in the house, there
is a variety of smells of rotten meat that assaulted my nose. The air was not
fresh; I could catch a bare breath, and there was that smell again, the smell
of a corpse, but this time is different, I did not have a flashback. I followed
the doctor and went down to the basement. “This cannot be a basement.”
I wondered, “This is an occupied dungeon. And I knew it was old from the
wall and the decoration.” As we walked through the dungeon, I could not
hear anything but the screams and the smell of people who were inside. As I
looked into a wooden door, I saw a man in a straitjacket. Suddenly, another flashback
came to my mind. “Now, tell me what did you see that night.” Said a
man. I tried to get up, but I could not move my arms, I looked down; I was in a
straitjacket. “I saw my father” It was like my mouth was moving on its own. I was cut off by the sharp
pain of a thick whip to my face. ” “Was I imprisoned in an orphanage?”
I wondered as I walked up to a door, at the end of the hall. I walked in, and I
heard something completely unexpected, a light­hearted, friendly voice. “Welcome to my asylum!” He
said, “Come in Alfred, I know Gordon can be such a grouch!” I walked
in silently, remembering my driver’s name as Gordon. “I am sorry, but you
were dead,” said Gordon. And with that statement, I had my final
flashback. I was in a dark red room, surrounded by many red droplights. I was strapped
in a chair, and I found a note. It said: “Now, just relax we will take
care of you and give you some pills that help you sleep, for a very long
time.” Also, there was a smiley face on the note. I struggled, tried to escape,
but my body was locked, and I could not control my arms and legs.

    I gasped again, but this time is
different, I was in an old fashioned chair. The doctor said, “Oh! Of course,
the flashbacks are a common side effect of the previous process. But I brought
you back. Now, I know you are curious about all this, but first, we will have
several tests. Could you see how many fingers am I holding?” He asked as
he held up five fingers.

I answered.

    “Great,” He said. But I could
see the evilness through his face.  ”
And, with that, I tried to run as fast as I could to the door. Then the man
shouted out to a machine, “release the subject!” Suddenly a creature
came out, and I did not have a chance to look back.

And that’s how I got there, running in the forest alone because
something was chasing me. As I looked back, I finally had a good look at the
creature following me. It was a humanoid body with red skins, and her eyes are red,
and she has the red crystal necklace that belongs to my mom. “she does not look
like my mother at all,” I thought. While I was wondering her identity, the
creature stopped and disappeared. 


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