I let my anger go in mydiary because I don’t like to express it anywhere else where people might thinkthat I am crazy. I also let it go sometimes because I know that I am bigger andbetter person than that.

I could keep the anger inside me, but I know that is abad idea. Anger goes in my diary every day now, and it has been different forme everywhere. I don’t do anything with my anger now I just wrote my emotionsdown. This works because it calms dow  What do you do with your anger now? How does it work for you?    What makes me angry is I feel that I am not in arelationship with anybody, I don’t have the person that I could old hands withevery day.  I just think that I am notenough for a relationship. You now, I see all these girls with there one andonly and it makes me mad that I might not ever have that someday.

I just wantto feel connected with someone.   What makes you angry now?    As a child, I controlled my anger by going outside andcounting to 10 backwards, I also will get a little creative with myself mypainting how I feel and also, I would talk about how I feel with my parents sothey knew how I feel sometimes.   How did you handle your anger as a child?    As a child, it was okay from me to get angry, because Iwanted people, and especially my parents to know how I feel. As a child, I useto get angry at all sorts of things, but I will usually express my anger indifferent types of ways to get their attention.

If no one is listening to me,forcing my to do something that I am not comfortable of doing I will usuallyscream at the top of my lungs or just start screaming. Also, it was okay for meto get angry like that at a young age because you get to let go of thoseangers, because I wasn’t going to let that anger bother me all day or for therest of my life.   As a child was it okay for you to be angry? To express anger?  Type the answers to the following questions in the spaceprovided below. This assignment is worth 10 points.


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