I think that greed is a state ofmind that on the one hand is intrinsic in trading activity and well accepted,on the other hand if excessive and out of control can swiftly sweep away youraccount. Moreover, a bit of greed, a “healthy” greed is welcome,doors wide open! Thinking about a successful trader, and how much he want toown and accumulate money? But there is a limit, too much greed will lead you torisk too much, lose control of yourself and your trade. Remember that yourtrade reflects your mental and emotional state, if your mental and emotionalstate is balanced and contains the right notions, even your operations will beright, on the contrary it will be a disaster. Returning to greed, if you havetoo much, you can not do it, you’ll end up getting into a state of anxiety thatwill make you lose.

It is necessary to fight greed. I think of hope as acatalyst for greed. Coming back, traders often hope their trades go on foreverin their favor, or they hope that if they move their stop loss only a littlefurther away than the trade will return to positive. Although hope is generallya good thing in every other field of life, in trading it can lead to doing irrationalthings that can destroy the bill.

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Greed it a topic much wider to write anddiscus but I like to conclude it with a quote from my country that says: Don’tmake the step wider than you can just for the greed. I think that the massageof video of the Law of the Harvest is pretty simple, is to act or to rick. Theother farmer that plant something else wanted to be different from others andtry and another way to gain profit. Besides, watching others doing the same hetry and risk to do something different do see a different result.

And finallywhen it says to plant it or to leave it in the barn, it most to put in work. Iwill say that this is something that I apply in my life already. I have and Imade goals and most of those to not be disappointed are reasonable.

Just likethis lesson it needs to have a plan, a way, and some skills to achieve it. If Iwant to pay tuition probably I should avoid some weekends out or walk insteadof paying for gas. It might seems little thinks or useless but eventually itworks. I think that if it something that is related with money or financial needsjust a plan and some avoid will work. It is always a plan B to see is yourfinancial goals are attainable. I like it a section of the reading passage thatit says to avoid laziness.

This is true because in this society that we live toachieve what we wants need lots of work. 


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