I have been following ADZcoin and the project since the coin was introduced onto the market back in 2015. I thoroughly understand it inside out so if you have any questions after reading this post then please feel free to ask below :)What is ADZcoin?ADZcoin is a revolutionary and unique concept crypto-currency coin that is designed to benefit a lot of people online.It is supported and backed by ADZbuzz (see my signature) and their ecosystem, as the crypto-currency of choice for their system.

 One of the main concepts of ADZcoin is to help publishers who are losing income from ad-blockers to earn an extra revenue stream through ADZbuzz with ADZcoin being the choice of payment.What is ADZbuzz?ADZbuzz is a social media platform for people to discover content, follow their favourite publishers and websites and is like a mixture of Reddit and Feedly put together. It is way more superior than Steemit in concept too.ADZbuzz has a crypto-currency twist to it that makes the platform very beneficial to specific audiences by giving them value that no other social media platform is doing for them.The types of audiences that would like ADZbuzz and ADZcoin include:Content consumersPublishersAdvertisersCrypto InvestorsMarketersMake money online nicheAnd ADZcoin is the currency of exchange within the platform that makes ADZbuzz unique in how it would benefit everyone above.ADZcoin Unique Features?It has a limited supply of only 84 million coins that can ever exist in circulationIt also has an extremely constant deflationary supply too.

With Already over 14 million+ coins have been burned from circulation and we have not even gone mainstream yet.ADZcoins will always have intrinsic value that most coins out there do not. Every ADZcoin can be exchanged for advertising space within the ADZbuzz network for life.ADZcoin will reward publishers.ADZcoin will give advertisers advertising space.

ADZcoin will have constant demand with a deflationary supply giving investors who HODL huge appreciation in value.And so much more…

Why is the Value, Volume and Rank so Low?Most people go straight to coinmarketcap to discover how well a coin is doing. And if they see the above stats are low for a coin then automatically assume that the coin is dead or has no future.That is one of the dumbest ways in my opinion to judge a crypto-currency coin and its potential.ADZcoin is one of those coins that has a huge interconnected system behind it that has taken time to build, and has never been promoted properly outside its small community of investors.The reason being is because the project has not been ready to promote these past two years to the target market. So the value of the coin has been irrelevant, but at the same time it has been a golden opportunity to invest in some cheap ADZcoin, while the project has been working hard in silence building a revolutionary and 100% unique concepts for the coin.Once the system is promoted to the target market everything will change like flicking on a light switch :)Why I think ADZcoin Will Sky-Rocket This Year?The price of an ADZcoin is extremely undervalued with what has already been built for this coin. It is extremely undervalued and I cannot emphasize that enough.

Right now, the price should be well over $1 easily. But it isn’t, because no one knows about it yet other than the small group of supporters and community that have come across the project and saw the potential in it.The world out there have no idea of it’s existence yet.However in 2018 it is going to be mass promoted as things are being finalized. And when that happens I see ADZcoin moving from cents and straight into dollars.It is just a formula – shrinking supply + High demand = Sky-rocket in valueIt would be like one of those coins that people see gain value from no where and they have no idea why? They think it is some kind of pump. But really it would just be ADZcoin correcting itself to its real value that it should be worth today in the market.

 By the end of 2018 it could potentially be worth $50 per coin and that is what I am expecting providing the mass promos goes well.If you have any question feel free to shoot away and I would help if I can :)Also if you would like to join ADZbuzz and be a part of the ADZcoin community and see what it is all about then just click on my signature.


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