I believe nursing is one of the most dynamic, evolving and fastest growing careers available today. I have great reverence towards this profession, because nurses are the backbone of the healthcare systems as they assist doctors with almost every aspect of patient care. Nursing can be a very challenging and demanding career path; however it can also bring great satisfaction and fulfilment knowing you work for an industry which expands and enriches patients’ lives every day. In my opinion a person who is willing to become a nurse needs to have great communication skills, compassion, beculturally competent and have the desire to learn and develop throughout their career.

 I believe I have all of the above qualities and will aspire to maintain and improve on them whenever possible.   While I was studying Health and Social Care for two years I have gained an insight into healthcare systems, which has provided me with great skills and also a clear idea about the career options available to me in the future. Planning was a main skill which I adopted through this course. This helped me to keep track of my development in class and my performance during set tasks in order for me to meet the deadlines in time.

 With this I also learnt to set myself goals and resolve any problems that were stopping me from reaching them. In addition to this I also learnt to successfully work under pressure by prioritising and assessing a number of tasks at once. Doing this allowed me to manage my time effectively and handle my work with great efficiency and control.

 Through the history of my work experience journey, I have built upon my skill set to provide myself with the required knowledge needed to pursue a nursing career. I carried out a placement in a pharmacy, where I served customers and handed out prescriptions. This allowed me to be socially interactive and be confident in my tasks so that I could develop better relationships with my customers and colleagues. I also helped with the dispensary makeup of the medication trays for people who could not manage their own medication; this extended my skill in the execution of difficult tasks with precision, as I paid attention to detail and worked under pressure. My second placement was held in a secondary school where I took the opportunity to work with different year groups in the Health and Social Care department. In this experience one of the most important skills I learnt was patience, as I often had to deal with diverse group of students meaning I had to address different learning styles in order to match each of their abilities.

Alongside this skill I learnt adaptability as working with each year group meant new students came with new challenges, I had to be flexible and adaptable in my communication and approach to the individual needs in order to interact effectively.   I see university as a gateway to my success and also a learning curve to gaining access to useful knowledge and transferable skills. The chance for me to study at university is an experience I do not want to miss, as earning a degree is not just a ticket to a good job but also an opportunity for independent scholarship in an area you are passionate about which for me is adult nursing.


I'm Erica!

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