I bought my first android phone 2 years ago. Being a techie, imagine my horror when I found out that there is no built-in app to explore file systems in Android.A mechanic without his handy wrench, that is exactly how I felt. Every Windows has a file explorer and every Mac has a finder. And so started my quest to find the best file explorer app for android.

 I opened up my browser and searched for ‘the best File manager Android app’. The first listing was ES File Explorer. I installed it and my quest was for the best file explorer app completed.Wait… before you criticise me: I was neither being lazy nor had I used up all my data plan.

I had simply found everything I needed from the very first app that I downloaded.I know I sound phony and fraudulent, almost to the point where you assume I am hired writer for ES App Group. But don’t jump the gun, I will highlight the different features that has me hooked to ES File Explorer till now.

And then, you can decide for yourself whether I am actually being paid by ES App Group or not.Functionality:ES File Explorer boasts a multitude of functions that rival, if not surpass, every other file explorer app on the market currently.Local Function:File and Folder ManagerYou can cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, compress and decompress files and folders.

You also have the option to operate files and folders in batches.Real-time File/Folder Search:As you type into the search box, you will get updated results after every character input. This is especially useful when you are trying to find a lost file or a particular file within multiple folders.Built in Viewer & Player for various files types:Unsure which image you have currently hovered upon, don’t worry; you can view it via the ES Image Viewer. What about videos; no hassle, view them via the ES Media Player. You can also edit txt, php or html files on the fly using the ES Note Editor which supports syntax for over 30 languages such as Java, XML, Javascript, Perl, Python and etc.

Built in file compression and encryption:You can compress and decompress 7Z, GZ and ZIP files. You can unpack RAR files and create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files which are very secure.Network Function:Remote File Access:There is a feature called Remote File Manager; which when enabled, allows you to access and manage files on your phone directly from your PC.

Inversely, you can also access your PC files from your phone via Wifi using SMB (Server Message Block).Cloud Server Access:You can manage files in cloud server via ES File Explorer. The app supports Dropbox, Box.

net, Sugarsync, Google Drive, OneDrive(SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex and more cloud platforms.Functions as an FTP and WEBDAV Client:You can access and manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WEBDAV servers. The app supports OBEX FTP and as a result you can share images, videos, audios and other files via Bluetooth with other devices.

If you are a root user, ES File explorer provides various extra amenities that can be used. You can manage, backup and restore app files. As a root user, you have access to all files and folders including system files and folders.

  The App also has various other tweaks that can be charming.A personal favourite of mine is customising your own gestures. I have set up my ESFE such that whenever I draw an arrow pointing upwards, it quits the app for me.As the app lets you draw any gestures, it’s up to you how you want to customise it. Whether it be a heart or any other shape possible.Another favourite tweak of mine is the option to favourite a folder or a file.

After which, I can then access them pronto by using the favourite filter.There are various other extra tweaks such as a built in Cache Cleaner, File System Analyzer and a Backup & Restore Functions.If you are not satisfied with the degree of customisation that has been written about. You can add extra functionality using free plugins such as ES Chromecast Plugin which enables you to stream to Chromecast or a one-click task killer using ES TaskManager Plugin.Build and UI:An app that is not visually pleasing is doomed for failure.

 I am not a superficial person by nature, however when it comes to apps, I have to be.A great app to me is more than the sum of its functions. If an app doesn’t look or feel visually appealing; I tend not to use it in the long run. And if I am not going to use it then why install it in the first place?As such, aesthetically ES File Explorer looks okay-ish: sharp lines, no clashing elements, soft colours and an adequate amount of whitespace. The design is minimalistic, which I prefer for a file manager app. Issues:Now, to the part which might put many of you off.

First, ES File explorer has too much going on for it.  As I mentioned, there are loads of extra functionality which you can simply ignore. If there is such a thing as ‘have too much on your plate’, then ESFE will fit into that category perfectly. However these functionalities don’t impact the performance of the app.If you are in the market looking for a basic File manager for Android, you might be better off looking for a new File management app.  Second, there is the issue of Ads for free users.The paid version of the app removes ads, has the option for theme change and ignores NOMEDIA files.  The free version, however, is quite laden with ads.

 Thankfully, I have used this app for close to 2 years and I have yet to encounter any banner ads or pop-up ads. You will find various ads embedded in various areas. Also added functionality such as DU Charge Booster, has an embedded Ad area. For some people, this is a major turn-off.

However, I have learnt to ignore these and still enjoy the app.Conclusion:Well, we all know there is no such thing as a perfect app. There are various imperfections as well quirks in the app that will irk and annoy you.However, based on my findings, you will be be hard pressed to find a better free alternative for ES File Explorer.

 This app, like any other app, can be a hit or a miss according to one’s each preference. If you have a relatively high tolerance for ads, you will find ways to circumvent around the Ad issue, just as I did.So I recommend you download the app and give this app a try for a few days. If you find that the issues I mentioned don’t bother you that much, then you can be assured that ES File Explorer will be an excellent app for you.FAQ:


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