I had a phenomenal experience visiting Haven Riverfront Restaurant
located at 2 Main St, Edgewater, NJ with my parents last weekend. As we
arrived, the Valet guy ran up to our car to park it for five dollars. We were
promptly seated by the host at a window table where we had the Hudson River and
New York City as a view because the entire restaurant has clear glass windows
all around as a barrier to outside.

Haven Restaurant would fall into the category of a Fine Dine because
of its excellent service, awesome atmosphere, breathtaking views, and most
importantly their mouthwatering food with a great presentation to come along

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The menu is considered as a locally sourced New American menu
which is very simple yet descriptive about all their items. They have
several menus that are served at different times which includes a Brunch menu,
Lunch menu, Dinner menu, Vegetarian menu, Prix Fixe Menu, Bar menu, and a Happy
Hour menu. The main menu which is the Dinner menu is a little pricey but was
expected because of their location. They have different categories of items you
can choose from. The menu is broken up into the following categories; Oysters, Appetizers,
Salads, Seafood, Steaks, and Sandwiches. They also have a huge selection of
cocktails and different types of red and white wine to go along with your meal.

On the weekend, they offer the Brunch Menu which is a choice of a la carte or
$31 prix fixe including one brunch item and two Mimosas, Bellini’s, or Bloody Marys’
served from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. My family and I ordered from the dinner
menu because we went there on a Saturday night. For appetizers, we ordered “Around
the World Oysters” which had different types of oysters to pick from such as Pacific,
Atlantic, and Kumamoto oysters. We also ordered the shrimp firecracker, tuna
tartar, the chicken taco spring rolls, and the truffle mac and cheese. For our
meals, I ordered the “Cast Iron Pan Speared 14 OZ Rib Eye ‘Steak Frites'” which
came with French Fries and side salad of tomatoes’ mixed with onions and
scallions and for my beverage I had one of their famous cocktails called the “stronghold
smash.” Both my parents ordered the ‘wellington’ salmon that was breaded and
came with broccoli sautéed with mushroom duxelle topped with smoked dill
hollandaise. For beverages, my parents had the blood orange martini and lemon
drop martini. The restaurant was generous with their portion sizes. After that we
ordered their “Warm Apple Churro Cobbler” which took 15 minutes to make because
they make it on the spot. It was worth the wait and satisfied my sweet tooth.

            Haven Restaurant has 3 different target markets which tends
to be during lunch and brunch starting from 11:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. After
that, the dinner crowd comes in making it a different target market because of
the overpriced dinner menu and different scenery. In between those times they
do serve happy hour only by the bar for cheap prices which isn’t bad for an
elegant restaurant.  The happy hour brings
people’s attention and will have them talking about the place.

            The atmosphere for Haven is definitely fine dining because
of its modern, chic, dim, and fancy décor all around the restaurant with the
view of New York City. The set-up of the tables were very neat and clean. They
had low music playing in the background which made it a romantic and trendy scenery
for the atmosphere. The customers were all dressed up and there was a lot of
parties going on that night such as birthdays, anniversaries, and cocktail

The service at Haven Restaurant absolutely top notch. Our server
was very friendly and informative about the menu. He suggested a couple of appetizers
for us because it was our first time and they were all delicious. His service
was very fast and professional even when it was packed throughout the entire
restaurant. He was great to talk to and had a very bubbly personality like the
rest of the staff members.

The restaurant did well choosing a great wait staff because they
are all professionals, speedy, and attentive no matter how busy the place gets.

I have been to a couple restaurants in the Edgewater area and I usually have a
problem with my server in fine dine restaurants because they treat their
customers as if they’re not important and take forever to bring my drink. Haven,
although is much different when it comes to their staff. They have two managers
walking around the restaurant to check up on every table in the place to make
sure their food and experience is going well. If something went wrong or a dish
did not come out as expected they will make sure they comp it and accommodate
you with something else or bring out dessert on the house.

The only thing I would improve in this restaurant is making sure
the main dishes do not take a lot of time to come after the appetizers and
would be better spaced in between. That was the only downside of my experience dining
there and realized that other tables had the same issue. They made us wait approximately
about 45-50 minutes for our entrees to come out and by that time I was already
stuffed from the appetizers. If it means hiring more cooks to bring the food
out on time and satisfy the customers experience without any complaints, then
Haven restaurant should do so. 


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