I have been curious about giant industrial systems and how they are managed since I have startedwatching National Geographic and Discovery channels back in 2008. From fast food tomanufacturing Air Buses, from making bicycles to assembling world’s fastest cars.

All this notonly fascinated me, but also surprised as to how do they do it. No wonder, these were possible bythese automated systems which have been regulated in almost all the advance manufacturingindustries. This curiosity has led me to choosing my university major in industrial andmanufacturing engineering.I have studied Computer Aided Designing (CAD) as part of my bachelor’s study, this courseenormously fascinated me since its start. As the semester progressed, I became really obsessedwith 3D modelling. From that time up till now, software like Pro engineer & Solidworks havedriven my strong attention to 3D designing and prototyping. As part of the course I spent hours ongenerating computer models to complete my assignments.

I went a step further to explore the digital manufacturing in the industrial environment to satisfymy curiosity. Viscous Corporation provided with opportunities to somehow satisfy my eagernessfor higher studies in Digital Engineering and provided me with the exposure of additivemanufacturing. My interest in this field was enhanced by design project of a PCB cover whichlater on I successfully printed using PLA material. I have learned the prototype development onSolidworks and simulation carried out at Xplorer Engine.In our senior year project. We have carried out our simulations using ANSYS 2017. The materialsubstitute project that later turned into design and fabrication of impeller. I explored ANSYS andits CFX turbo simulations and carried out static analysis on impeller.

The project resulted inincreased pump efficiency of centrifugal pump, the theoretical value of increase from 28% to 50%by making changes in lead angle of impeller blade.My decision to enroll in Digital Engineering is greatly influenced by my core interest in computeraided designing and simulations which have been developed through my course work andindustrial internship. I have been highly impressed by the Digital Bauhaus Lab which is equippedwith ultra-modern research facility providing dynamic research environment with latest facilities.

The research labs of computer graphics along modeling and simulation are my areas of interest.Apart from these, the high tech 3D printing facility at the Digital Bauhaus Lab has appealed methe most. The recent research project carried out under the name of “Multiscale models to predictdamage and fracture behavior in technical and biological materials” have appealed me the most asit deals with computer simulations.

As an industrial engineer my primary goal lies in optimization of complex industrial processes.Digital Engineering offered by Bauhaus-University Weimar is a perfect platform for me to honemy skill and expertise which can meet the challenges of next generation digital production. Theemphasis of graduate study on working independently with inter-disciplinary teams is the mostsuitable method for developing student’s aptitude for the concerned field of knowledge.


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