I. Project Proposal

Project Name: Opening a New Computer Laboratory at Hunter Institute of TAFE. Project description: the main purpose of this project is to open a new computer lab at Hunter Institute of TAFE. The necessity of this project can be explained by the fact that many computers in this organization have become out-of-date and some of them continuously malfunction. Many software solutions cannot be run at this hardware. Finally, it is hardly possible to make an upgrade because new components will be incompatible with the old hardware. This is why we insist that the administration of TAFE Hunter Institute should build this facility.

This computer lab should be able to host thirty students at a time. Project Manager: (The Name of the Student) Project deliverables: in this context the term deliverable can be defined as a tangible and measurable output; deliverables should not be confused with long-term strategic objectives (Greer, 2002, p 9). DeliverableTimeframe for deliveryPurchasing new equipment (hardware and furniture)October 24th – November 1st We have allocated so much time on this task because it will be necessary to determine which type of hardware we need, and more importantly, where we can purchase it. We will need to evaluate the discounts, offered by various wholesalers.Purchasing new softwareOctober 27th – November 1stFinding a new room for computer laboratory: during this period, we need to decide where the new computer lab should be located.October 25th – October 27thFurnishing the room.November 1st – November 2ndInstallation of new hardwareNovember 2nd – November 4thInstallation of new softwareNovember 2nd – November 5th Preliminary testsNovember 5th – November 6th

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