Humans believe thatthere is God, their Creator in whom gives grace to His people and make theirlives as easy as possible. Likewise, on the case of people who are not thatblessed of having a lot of wealth, they considered themselves as unloved orneglected by God. Also, if there are some people who are facing a lot of problemsin their lives and cannot solve or take it anymore, they  tend to blame God for all of it and mostlikely eliminates their faith in God. Another, there are also people who cannotwait of the perfect time that God had allotted for them for the flow of His gracein man; the outcome is they are not able to receive the great blessing of God.Truly, the emotions and works of man really affect the grace that would begiving by God in them.  Often, man considershimself as a very intelligent person, in which he already forgets of havingfaith in God because of his rationality.

Likewise, he makes his own decisionfor his own life. It is true that man has their own freewill of making decisionsand things in their lives likewise, they must also know of the work of God intheir lives wherein it would imparting a great event or change in their lives.To have faith in Him and patience on everything that He plans to do will leadman to its success in living here in earth and his Spirit that would be guidedaccordingly by the Holy Spirit through God.

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Man must not only consider of whatthey see, hear, sense, taste, and touch, sometimes what the senses feels mostlikely is not real but what the senses does not feel most likely of being real. Since almost humansdepend on their rationalities, what they do not really feel through theirsenses is assured as not existing or imaginary. Their actions or feelings arealso dependent in the knowledge that they acquire or something that reallyexists, thus, emotions of man are very dependent.

In general, one can be happyand fulfilled when they are grateful of something that they acquire or getthrough hardships, one can feel they are valuable if the people that aresurrounding them make him or her feel so loved, and one can also be thankful ifeverything that they had wished for were granted. But, one can get disappointedif any single or simple thing weren’t met, one can get sad if somethingvaluable lost to them, and also one can get mad or angry when they feelirritated or were blocked from achieving their goals. Every man’s emotions hasits reason for existence, which is why, there are no reason for a man to reactnot accordingly to the existence of some events in their lives. Every time people arepraying to God, they always ask for something that they cannot work on and theonly way to get it is to pray and ask some help from God but the thing is,people would not really do some actions, they would entrust everything to God.Also, when people pray to God, they always wish for many things, requesting fora lot of things that they want to receive or have and every time they wish forit, they want it now, the result is, they would be impatient of waiting for theright time to receive that blessing.

The conflict is when people wish from Him,they expect that He would already grant it and if not, we would be disappointedor upset and may also cause for people to eliminate their faith and may causethem to be lost on what path they will be going to take in their lives. Peopleare so dependent of what they are wishing and when the time comes that they arealready in need of what they had asked they would be too impatient and if thatprayer was not able to occur or to be answered, people would blame all thingsfrom Him, like God is the reason for everything that they experience. There arealso some instances that people who always do good things towards other peoplecame to experience a bunch of circumstances in their life in which they tend toask God for what wrong thing they had done in their life, and when they cannotreally endure it, they would blame God and can be a cause to turn back fromtheir faith.  According to(Shahsavarani, Noohi, et. al., 2016), “Anger is a complex human emotion and afrequent reaction to frustration and maltreatment.” It is considered as one ofthe principal emotions of humankind and is considered natural just like theother emotions that a man expresses (i.

e., joy, sadness, happiness, fear, anddisgust). Likewise, it is not good as it may result to destruction ofrelationships and create enemies. According to (, 2018), “Anger is oneof the most difficult emotions experienced by humans, both personally andrelationally.

” It is because of the difficulty to handle or deal with it. Inorder for some people to control this kind of emotions, they try to repress it,as they believe that this will be the way to make a peaceful environment, somealso may ventilate or expound this kind of emotions not considering of theoutcomes and consequences that may get in. Anger possesses an outward energyand is usually accompanied by accusations, this tends to accuse, criticize,punish, and avenge. This outward energy does not only affect the other personwhom the person is angry with, likewise, it is also the person who becomesangry as the negative energy of anger flows in his or her body and mind makinghis or her way of life become negative.  In relation to theflow of grace that is given by God in His people, anger may also affect theirbelief in God. In example, people are praying for something that they reallywant to get and they want to receive it now, but people are too impatient towait for the blessing, anger arises and may cause them to become rebellious inthe faith. Anger is a negative emotion that can drive people to a more negativeway of life.

The flow of grace of God in His people does not really fails, whatfails is the attitude of the people towards the blessings that God is giving tothem. Everyday that we spent here in earth is already a big blessing from Him,as He still allows us to live here in earth together with the people we love,but almost all of the people tend to forget about it. It is such an immoralaction to revenge against the faith that a man has, only because of the reasonthat circumstances that appears in his life really gives him a miserablesituation to cope up in his life. Man forgets that God would not allow Hispeople to suffer from circumstances that they can’t surmount. It is just thatpeople are too impatient to end their suffering, the circumstances they arefacing, the negativities in their lives that they want to eliminate.

Man alwaysforgets that without these circumstances, one could not enjoy fully thehappiness that he or she will experience after those circumstances. They also tendto forget that God is always by their side even though they only tend toremember Him in times of trouble and in times of need. This may not apply toall humanities that exist here in earth but almost all of the human being thatexist here in earth are being poisoned by the modernity and the worldly thingsin this place.

To avenge towards God would not only be a foul play but is alsosenseless. It would be senseless as man could not survive without having a God.Man could not see, hear, touch, and feel anything that exists here in earthwithout God. Man is imperfect, but this imperfection does not mean that manmust already repeat the same mistakes that he had.

Also, it is the choice ofman what life he takes so; to blame things to God is unreasonable. Man couldnot exist without God. Thus, to go defiant against the faith is such anindecent thing to do because man was only created by God. Thus, to rebel on Himwould not help to live a good life and to make it to go to Heaven after lifehere in earth.  Anger is really apowerful emotion that can strike suddenly taking over the thoughts of a personwith violent force.

It seems uncontrollable and its devastating effects may resultfor a man to leave his faith, family, and career in ruins. But, there is alwaysa way to break free from anger’s grasp, it is through by patience. First,people must get to the source of their anger. There are a lot of causes andexpressions of anger of a person; it is because of people, the people who keepthem overwhelming of anger. But the most things that keeps them of beingoverwhelmed of anger is things does not turn out the way they wanted, theresult is they become more angry. Unfortunately, all of the energy that a maninvest with anger are all of waste, it cannot let them get the situation betternor it would only breed more anger and creating a destructive cycle of theirlives.

“The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James1:20). Second is finding freedom. If anger really gives a man a hard time tocontrol it, let it be to God. Let God yield and control all things that aregoing in one’s life.

Anger is all about control, if one does not have thecontrol; it could create a gap between him and God as this emotion possesses awedge taking away humanities from God. With this emotion, people reject God’slove in His people; accusing God of not taking care of what happens to Hispeople. Third is overcoming anger day every day.

The new life together withChrist does not immediately answer a man to be out of anger but he must learnhow to conquer anger because every day will might give him differentcircumstances triggering him from getting angry. Fourth is to pray to God, handover the reins in one’s heart to God and let Him work over and walk with Himtogether with His love and forgiveness. Last is to remember God’s word “Beangry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun to down on your anger, and do notgive the devil an opportunity….. and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, bywhom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

Let all bitterness and wrathand anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as Godin Christ also has forgiven you.” (Ephesians 4:26-27, 30-32). Jesus Christ hadsuffered from the cross when He had redeemed the humanities from their sins. Hewas cruelly and unusually punished, tortured, and severely harrowed by people.Jesus let that happen because of His love in His people. He suffered greatlyyet He had waited patiently of what God will do unto Him. Because His trust inHis Father, all good things happened in His life, He resurrected from death andascended to Heaven.

Jesus had waited patiently of what His Father will do untoHim, He trust His Father no matter torment He had gone. If Jesus let Himself bepatient, thus man as well. Patience is letting oneself suffer, endure, and waituncomplainingly by the determination of one’s will and as not by necessity.Patience is an essential Christian virtue that a man must exercise.

People mustbe patient waiting for God, that he would endure without complain the variousforms of sufferings, evil works that he meet, and bear patiently the inequitiesand provocations that he cannot eliminate. Patience is not an easy virtue asone cannot endure without complaint the sufferings that he will be going to. Intoday’s modernity, it would be much harder for a man to patiently wait forthings, thus, what more for God. That is why people today tend to neglect Godas they might waste time that is going really fast. But, man must stillwillingly wait for God and His grace.

 God is very patient inHis people, thus, people as well towards other people. God’s love and patiencetowards His people abounds despite of the sins that man has towards Him. Fromthis, man must have the reason to restraint from their harshness and constraintfrom love and patience towards others that sin to them. According to (Orr),”Patience is a virtue intimately connected to God’s dealings with man bycovenant.” God had His covenant towards humanities and he fulfils it over timewithout fail. With this, it must mean for people to wait for God to keep Hispromises in His own way, time, and place.

God knows what’s fit and best for Hispeople, thus, man has a lot of reason to obediently and calmly be patienttowards God. Patience is the duty of man towards God and for himself. Throughthis virtue, man can ponder and establish a road which will lead to the rightdirection in his life.

Patience is rooted in Christ, he cultivates patience.People must be like Abraham towards God; Abraham gazed at God towards Hiscovenant, he waited patiently for the promised covenant on him by God. Peoplemust not look on how negative life is because of what he suffers but it must beon the promise of God in every each of them.

Patience focuses on thecovenant-keeping God. If people would be focus on God’s righteousness, promise,and ability as the Sovereign Judge in the earth, people could wait for God’stime, place, and way of fulfilment without complaining and with a calm spiritwithin. Patience is a matter of love, love means that people would look to Godas a covenant-keeping God, so man needs to wait patiently. The keys for a manto wait successfully are to wait for Jesus to act and look for Jesus to act.  Patience is a lotbetter than getting angry; it can help a person in a lot ways than letting thecircumstance to eat him. Patience can give a person a time to think rationallyabout the problem.

One must stop when he is angry, then breathe and ask God’shelp. This will give way for the person to think more about the situation.Remember what God said, “You have heard the law that says the punishment mustmatch the injury: ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I say, donot resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer theother cheek also.” (Matthew 5: 38-39).

The patient love and forgiveness thatone offer to someone else will let him to show to other people God’s patientlove and forgiveness. Patience will help man learn from his experience. Ineverything that a person experiences, there is always a lesson to learn.Knowing how to deal with difficult people is essential. It will enhance hispatience more.

Bursting out on anger cannot give one a good end; likewise, itcould just ruin a relationship and may miss out on something that must learn byoneself. (Romans 5:4-5), “and patience produces character, and characterproduces hope. And this hope will never disappoint us, because God has pouredout his love to fill our hearts.” Patience makes it possible for a man to moveforward positively. If one do not let go of what happened, the situation wouldnot let go as well.

Letting oneself angry would just prolong the problem andmake it harder for a person to move on through forgiveness. According to IsaacBarrow, “it is commonly said that revenge is sweet, but to a calm andconsiderate mind, patience and forgiveness are sweeter.” Patience withunderstanding may help one realize that this isn’t about him. “The best revengeis to be unlike him who performed the injury” (Marcus Aurelius). Stopping totake a breath and pray will let one understand the problem and make him solveit for the better.

Patience gives the wound time to heal. Every wound requirestime to heal it. Thus, give patience to self and to others, spend time to God’spresence to let Him heal your spirit and calm your heart. “Comfort experiencesthe presence of God in the presence of suffering – a presence that empowers meto survive scars and plants the seed of hope that I will yet thrive.” (Dr.Robert Kelleman). Patience is obedience. Being patient all the time makes oneto be obedient as a child of God.

It may be reasonable enough for one to takerevenge but remain humble and patient, as revenge would not keep one from beingobedient to God. “Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a waythat everyone can see you are honorable. Do all that you can to live in peacewith everyone.

Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteousanger of God.” (Romans 12:17-19). Patience trusts God to take care of it.

Beingobedient to God would make a person ahead of others who become angry. A personcan tell the person who makes them angry that their words are already hurtfulbut let the other actions to God. “Don’t say, ‘I’ll pay you back for the wrongyou did’, wait for the Lord and He will make things right.

” (Proverbs 20:22).The patient love of God really works. Thus, patience really works better thanbeing angry that would only result to a lot negative situations. “Forgive andgive as if it were your last opportunity. Love like there’s no tomorrow, and iftomorrow comes, love again.

” (Max Lucado).  People must be patientwhen they are angry. Getting ventilated of their anger can only let theiremotions to be expressed but it can cause a lot of consequences resulting forthe matter to get worse. According to Ephesians 4:26, “if you’re angry, do notlet it become sin. Get over your anger before the day is finished.

” To not letanger become a sin, one must practice of praying and having patience. God said”You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemies. ButI say to you, love your enemies. Pray for those who hurt you.'” When it sayspatience with God, it is not connected with the patience that endures the hardtimes; likewise, this is about the long suffering toward people. God with Hispatience controls His Sovereign plan and perfect timing to come. Thus, man mustnot conclude that he would be making his own life; yet, it is quite true as manhas their freedom, but God is always there to guide man when he commitsmistakes because of being bull-headed.

Everything happens to man has its reasonand God knows all about it. Before a person was being born, every mistake thathe will commit, every decision he will be making, and even the time that hewill die, God all knows it. Without God’s patience and perfect timing, maybethe whole humanities do not exist anymore. From history, men are alreadysinful, so if God is impatient, He had might strike the earth and live no one.But God is patient loving; He let the people to live comfortably and freely.

Thus, man must also be like Him. To overcome anger and patiently love would bethe best thing that man can give to God and to his fellowmen. It is indeed hardbut it is not impossible. Every hard thing requires God, perseverance, andenjoyment to make it in success.  To overcome anger willlet a person to see everything that is more important in his life than beingangry. He could seen opportunities approaching, loving people who are always athis back, fruitful living in earth together with his love ones, and good relationshipwith God as man and God and as a child and Father. To pursue someone to preventfrom being angry, the result of not being angry would not be enough, but theresult of being angry would be.

Anger has three faces: explosive and blowingup; stewing, brewing, or silent indignation; and irritability. Anger hurtsrelationships. Sometimes, people cannot burst out their anger to the realpeople who they become angry with, so they tend to burst it out to their lovedones, which could really destroy relationships. Anger is in the Bible. Man’sanger is expressed by rejecting God and pursuing his own way yet man could notaccomplish what God’s righteous purposes. Anger put Jesus on the Cross. Theanger of man and God’s wrath for the sins of humanities culminated onto Jesuswhen he went to the Cross to pay the penalty for sin.

Jesus had satisfied theGod’s wrath and allowed man to express their anger towards Him at the sametime. Anger is covered by Christ’s blood. The blood of Christ had been enoughto cover the sins of man so no matter what they get angry and get sin, they canstill have a newness of life. Anger is a sin but the death and blood of Christis enough to cover it. Anger is a life-dominating sin.

People can becomeenslaved to anger; it temporarily satisfies the sinful desire and flesh of aperson but may feel guilty and ashamed when given a full vent. It is a viciouscycle of self-destruction. Anger is an expression of false worship. When a manexpressed his anger sinfully, a man has does it for a reason. Thus, he hassomething that wants to get and get sin just to get it. Thus, man idolizesanything else rather than God that becomes as another sin and as a falseworship.

Anger is often just a fruit. Anger usually has fear as its root, thefear of man specifically. It is only the anger that is being seen, but it isfearful, insecure, unsafe, untrusting heart looking for something from man thatonly God can satisfy. Love God more because perfect love can cast out fear.Anger can be righteous. “Be angry and do not sin”, one sinfully becomes angrywhen he is getting angry at God but he can righteously become angry when hebecomes angry with God. Man can be angry on what angers God, so he must use itat righteousness.

Anger must be surrendered. To surrender their anger to Godfreely, one must let out their full control over it; let the Spirit movehimself to action. Humble oneself in his broken state and surrender theirsinful anger to God. God is always there to give man His grace when it is needed;man only needs to wait for the right time.

 According to Bible,”those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount upwith wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk andnot faint” (Isaiah 40:31). Waiting on God is a regular refrain in the life offaith and it is an expression of the healthy heart’s desire and an echo of theunparalleled power and grace of God. Always renew faith and hope in God, it isthrough by delays and pauses, and becoming aware of the lack of patience inwhich God works to save people from self-reliance and revitalize their faithand hope in Him. Patience comes with faith and hope. Faith for the moment andhope for the future, faith feeds hope and give everything to God that mancannot see and do, for He will give it to His people, just wait patiently. Prayand give thanks. Be constant in praying to God, it let the eyes of man to seethe opportunities that are waiting on him and the blessing that is going toaward by God in him.

Let the word of Christ dwell in man richly, teaching andadmonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritualsongs, with thankfulness in their hearts to God. Remember the Patience of God.The pain of waiting can point the hearts of man to the life-saving patience ofGod with this patience of God; humanities were being saved from sins and wereable to repent.

To become truly patient, one must exercise of staying focusedon his goal. Man must deal with his problems and better be focused on the ultimategoal which is, birth into God’s family and co-ruler ship with Jesus Christ ofthe universe. Learning to think before speaking.

To think before to speak willallow man to be calm and think of a better way to make things or wait forthings. Looking for ways to give their service to others, man must not becomeimpatient as it images his selfishness; likewise, look for the shortcomings ofothers. Working out their conflicts with other people. To be patient is tolove, with this people must abstain from any conflicts that he has and solve itas being patient is like being god in likeness of Him, loving other peoplewholeheartedly and patiently.

Another, working with God through the Spirit todevelop Godly patience in themselves, developing a calm, positive attitude, andpeace of mind. People who have patience bear trials calmly. Patient people arenot hasty or impetuous but act with wisdom and discretion. God had wanted Hispeople to stand like a rock in the face of adversity. There would be really atime in person’s life that the problems that is coming unto him are sooverwhelming that it is already hard to develop patience but always trust Godas it is the only way to gain patience.  


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