HUMAN RIGHTS RESEARCH REPORT# ARTICLE 4 : THERIGHT TO – NO SLAVERY IN THE PAST OR PRESENT.        In this report, i will talk about theHuman Rights. To be specifically this is about the Right number 4 – No slaveryin the past or present. I will explore how is it violated aroung the world inCanada and how the non -governmental arganizations or individuals are workingto protect it. Firstly, this Right mentioned that ” Noone shall be held inslavery or servitude, slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in allthere forms”, i think this is a very important right on the world because everyoneshould be treated equally and everyone is all humans noone have to serve orbecome a slave for anyone, everyone is all humans.

    This Right is always be protect by the law and the government on theworld, firstly i though that there are no more slavery on this modern communityand we are all treated equally, but now i regconize that this rights is notalways be observed. Although the slave trade was abolished centuries ago,modern day slavery persists with many workers, often migrants, forced into performingcompulsory work for little or no wages in conditions where they are effectivelyprevented from escaping. The prohibition on holding a personin slavery or servitude is absolute and can never be justified. The abused ofthis right is that everyone is not being seem as the same with each other, theybecame a slave in some case and they have to be served the people who havemoney, who buy them. Although, they have been serving there host without wagesor ant payments, they still have to live in a bad conditions and they are beingsold like a kindof goods or animals or cattles.

                                                                                          Modern incidence of slavery, as a percentage ofthe population, by country, estimates from the Walk Free Foundation(Picture from Wikidepia)In northern Uganda, the LRA (Lord’sResistance Army) guerrillas have kidnapped 20,000 children over the past twentyyears and forced them into service as soldiers or sexual slaves for the army,in Asia, Japan is the major destination country for trafficked women,especially women from ThaiLand and Philippines, UNICEF estimates that there areapproximetely 60,000 child prostitutes in Philippines. There are 600,000 to820,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borderseach year, half of whom are minors, including record numbers of women and girlsfleeing from Iraq because of war and  innearly all countries, including Canada, the US and UK, deportation orharassment are the usual governmental responses, with no assistance servicesfor the victims, in Libya, there are a lot of people try to get away from thewar and they used the seaways to get to the Europe countries that caused a lotof bad affects to them but the worst is they would be kidnapped and become aslavery by the pirates and absolutely will become a slavery in some ways. Thereare a lot of cases have been announced that have been died on the ways toEurope and have been kidnapped for some several reasons but i think in thatbunch of reasons, all of that will reach to the destination that they wouldbecome a slaves. The people who wanted to be violated this right would be thepeople who wanted to make money from the slavery and buying the slavery orusing it, in this case i am mentioning about the terriosts, they sold thepeople in there own country they kidnapped people without reasons, they risedand against the government to have their own control and they need money forthat so notthing they can do besides kidnapped people and turn people to a slaver.And in some ways this actions can also a reasons to starting a war from agovernment with terriosts like in Iraq or Libya,…    Slavery in the world is become a big problem, what about in Canada ?Because early Canada’s role in the trans – Atlantic slave trade was so small,the history of slavery in Canada is often overshadowed by the more tumultuousslavery practised elsewhere in the Americas, particularly in the American Southand colonial Caribbean.

But as we know Canada is one of the top of the safestcountry on the world and people here treat each other with the respect, butnowadays in Canada the slavery is still occur in some form such as humantrafficking. Some of the slavery in Canada are from the African countries andmost of that were Aboriginal.     Slaveries from African countries and Aboriginalslaveries  ( Picture from ) In the 19th,18th and 17th centuriesthe slavery from African and Aboriginal increased everyday, day by day. TheSlave-owning in Canada, for example, the fishing societies, such as the Yurok,that lived along the Pacific coast and many of the indigenous peoples of thePacific Northwest Coast, such as the Haida and Tlingit, were traditionallyknown as fierce warriors and slave-traders.

Among some Pacific Northwest tribesabout a quarter of the population were slaves, this slave narrative wascomposed by an English man, John R. Jewitt, who had been taken alive when hisship was captured in 1802,  his memoirprovides a detailed look at life as a slave, and asserts that a large numberwere held. Besides that, a small were number of African people forcibly broughtas chattel slaves to New France, Acadia and the later British North Americaduring the 17th century.

Slavery was hereditary, the slaves being prisoners ofwar and their descendants were slaves so some tribes in British Columbiacontinued to segregate and ostracize the descendants of slaves as late as the1970s. Slavery did not enduntil the ratifying of the SlaveryConvention in 1953, the objective of theConvention was to confirm and advance the suppression of slavery and the slavetrade. Nowadays There are an estimated 45.

8 millionpeople around the world currently trapped in modern slavery, including 6,500people in Canada, it is seemed to be a small number if we compare its to thewhole world but it is means that the slavery is still exist in our country insome particular ways, for example, sexual slavery is still one of the hardproblem to solve thoroughly.Human trafficking in Canada hasbecome a significant legal and political issue, and Canadian legislators havebeen criticized for having failed to deal with the problem in a more systematicway. Afua Cooper statesthat slavery is “Canada’s best kept secret, locked within the Nationalcloset”. But there are another reason such as the people here in Canadathey have a good personality they don’t want to hurt anyone and they aretreating with respect and honor.

Besides that the law here is strictfulyabanded the slave-trade or any form of using slavery. The Government of Canadaestablished the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking in order tooppose human trafficking with every form to stop the slavery on this country.To protect this rights in Canada, British Columbia’s Office to CombatTrafficking in Persons formed in 2007 and The Human Trafficking Task force wasestablished in June 2012 to replace the Interdepartmental Working Group onTrafficking in Persons as the body responsible for the development of publicpolicy related to human trafficking in Canada . Besides that, if we need tostop this problem, not only British Columbia but all over the country have tobuild one of the organizations to protect this right out of being abused andviolated.      On the world, there are a lot oforganizations are working hard to protext this rights and protect the peoplewho were forcily to be a slaves included an Governmental Organizations and NonGovernmental Organization (NGOs),… The Government Organizations are verypopular and they are working hard with the support of the NGOs, NGOs is also aimportant factor to solve the slavery problem and protect this right so i willmentioned it on this report.

NGOs is stand for Non Governmental Organizations,it is established themselves, but must be run and operated by the competentauthorities within the framework of the law, subject to state management, fullyautonomous, self-sufficient, or supported by the state. All over the worldthere are a lot of NGOs are working for the protection of this rights, one ofthat is Hope For Justice – an organization in USA , they are developing a modelof investigation and rescue that complements the work of law enforcement andother agencies and supports the prosecution of perpetrators or Shared HopeInternational they are working to prevent the conditions that foster sexualtrafficking, restore victims of sexual slavery, and bring justice to vulnerablewomen and children.       Not only a organizations are workingto against the slavery problem but also there are a lot of individual workingthey are also play a very important roles on the battle of fighting againstslavery, one of that is John Graves Simcoe,  he is LieutenantGovernor of the colony from 1791 until1796,  had been a supporter of abolitionbefore coming to Upper Canada, as a British Member ofParliament, he had described slavery as an offenceagainst Christianity.

At the inaugural meeting of theExecutive Council of Upper Canada in March        1793, Simcoe heard from awitness the story of Chloe Cooley, a female slave who had been violentlyremoved from Canada and sold in the United States. Simcoe’s desire to abolishslavery in Upper Canada was resisted by members of the Legislative Assembly whoowned slaves, and therefore the resulting act was a compromise. The compromise,named An Act to Prevent the further Introduction of Slaves and to limit theTerm of Contracts for Servitude within Upper Canada, This compromise’s contentstated that while all slaves in the province would remain enslaved until death,no new slaves could be brought into Upper Canada and children born to femaleslaves after passage of the act would be freed at the age of 25.because at thetime Canada is a colony of Britain so this compromise made Upper Canadabecame “the first British colony to abolish slavery” . The Actremained in force until 1833 when the British Parliament’s Slavery AbolitionAct abolished slavery in most parts of the British Empire.

In 1798, ChristopherRobinson -an American-born soldier, lawyer andpolitical figure in Upper Canada introduceda bill in the Legislative Assembly to allow the importation of additionalslaves. The bill was passed by the Assembly, but was stalled by the LegislativeCouncil and died at the end of the session. 21 years later, in1819,  Attorney General JohnRobinson  – son of Christopher, declaredthat by residing in Canada, black residents were set free, and that Canadiancourts would protect their freedom because of their volunteer services in theWar of 1812.     At the conclusion, Slavery is one of the biggest problem on the worldand every country and a lot of people are trying their best to solve it, every organizations and individualsin the past and in the present they put themsleves to a dangerous situationsand trying to stop it. We are people, everyone is the same, treat everyone likenormal, noone have to serve anyone. Let’s stand up and prevent it and protectpeople who are being trafickking and who are doing slavery jobs. Make them seethat people are humans and they are deserves to be treating equaly !   ? Work Cited List –       “NGOs.

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