Different countries have different legislations, which define rights and relationship between employees and employers. They are contained in human rights as well as terms and conditions set by different companies regarding their employments contracts. Knowledge of these rights and legislation is important to employee, employer and third parties who have an interest in an employment contract. External and internal laws should be in harmony at any one time; this is the only way that the company can develop an efficient team. Internal legislations and guiding principles are shaped by legal legislations; they must follow a legally accepted approach.

Procter & Gamble is a multinational company with headquarters in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, it manufactures a range of products which generally in three sectors; beauty, household care goods and some medicaments. This paper will be guided by headings to discuss various legislation issues. It will focus on processes that take place in Proter $Gamble.

The role of probation period in recruitment process

After initial recruitment procedure, a successful candidate in Proter $Gamble is deployed under probationary terms.

The terms of the period are well defined in a probationary contract agreement. Proter $Gamble human resource department head should witness the signing of the agreement. It is a transition period where an employee is oriented to process and organizational culture of Proter $Gamble. For employees who have been recruited from other companies, they get a chance to translate from functions, belief and culture of their former employer into those of Proter $Gamble. It is in this period that intensive training on the area of future specialization takes place. When working alongside other employees, the employee is given more attention by the supervisor to ensure that his practical capabilities and weakness are understood for better blending in the company. In some circumstances, an employer may feel that the capabilities of the new employee does not fit the requirement of the company and thus recommend for dismissal.

The employee on the other hand gets a chance to gauge his potential and make decision whether to terminate the contract or not.


Proter $Gamble, should have a recruitment process organized in such a way that the new entrant gets a chance to learn all the process of the company not his area of future engagement only, However more emphasis should be in the prospective area that he will work in (Anthony, Kalmar & Perrewe, 2002).

Outsourcing concept in Human resources

In modern days of globalization human resources outsourcing has increased. This involves contracting a company which offers some outsourcing services in certain areas, required by the company to offer the service instead of human employees managed internally. Proter $Gamble has outsourced catering, cleaning and security among others. Jones Lang LaSalle is one of the companies contracted by the company for managing office affairs like water and security. It offers a chance to Proter $Gamble, to concentrate on its core business and at the same time get quality services from specialists managed from outside the firm.

Operational costs involved in managing human resources internally are reduced.


When choosing a company to outsource for certain services, Proter $Gamble should vet it to ensure that it has proficiency in the area of contracting. Choosing the areas to outsource and areas to manage internally is of essence. Management of Proter $Gamble should work closely with the outsourced company to enhance control and efficiency.

Diversity, equal employment, anti-discrimination legislation

Proter $Gamble, respects the right of employees. Human rights demand that there should be no discrimination on bases or race, color, nationality, disability or gender. Everyone should be given equal opportunity in the recruitment procedure.

This is the way that human rights will be respected and the company gets a diversified team. A team made of people from different gender, tribes, color and races are more likely to respect each other and have an increased production. In Ohio, Title XLI – Labor & Industry of Ohio employment and Labor rights laws (chapters 1401-1473) defines the right of employees. They recognize the right that there should be equal treatment and access to employment to any capable person.


A company should ensure that it operates according to the law. It should not discriminate unless justified by condition and accepted by the law.

Employees contracts

In Ohio employment & labor law, mandates an employer to give terms of service before the employment contract is signed. The contract should give the terms and conditions of work and explain issue concerning the welfare of the staff like wages, working hours, dismissal, medical schemes and leave among others. The employee should read and understand the terms set since they determine the relationship that he has will the employer. Other than written contracts terms there are psychological contracts that employer should engage with his employees.


Terms and conditions of an employment contract should be clear and should not contradict the laws of a country. They should explain point by point to an employee so as he can understand implications of each.

Industrial relations

Industrial relations define the relationship that exists between an employer, his employees, and third parties like trade unions and the government. Proter $Gamble engages its employees in activities that encourage better terms with its employees. For example it has a policy called “take the R for next step or action item”.

It is an employees developed initiative that creates a close link between Proter $Gamble and its employee. It aims at aligning them to the same goal (P$Q Official Website, 2010). The terms of service and conditions of work that an employee works within should be well defined. In case of disputes, a framework of solving the dispute should be put in place. Psychological contracts that an employer has with his employee determine the level of motivation that the employee will have. A well defined career path, appraisal and training system improves the performance of an employee.

Ohio Labor Code Chapter 4121, Establishes a right to employees to fight for their rights as far as compensation is concerned. Chapter 6301.06 empowers employees to have an internal workforce board (, 2010).


Industrial relations goes far than just the internal relationship to those of outsiders. Proter $Gamble, should aim at having well defined industrial relations; he should ensure that he has aligned his company to fit in the prevailing condition and employers act recommendations. It should give a clear guideline to its employees on the kind unions that it has ratified for them to be members (Lester & Kickul, 2001).

Recruitment and selection method

Proter $Gamble, plans its recruitment process from reports that they get from departments, and depending on factors that lead to a reduced workforce like death, retirements, voluntary and compulsory resignation. After planning an employment process the first step is to advertise for posts. Advertising may be internal or to the external market.

When advertising the role that a successful candidate will play if deployed should be well given; minimum qualifications are given in the advert and duration for application. After the application has been received, they are sorted and short listed. Successful candidates are contacted. Proter $Gamble has a written interview as well as an oral interview.


Proter $Gamble, should start undertaking a psychometric tests before interviews in all posts. The process should be transparent and aim at meeting the current requirements of the company. Conversing should be avoided at all expense and only those candidates who attain minimum qualification should be contracted.

Relevant terms and conditions of employment

Alongside national terms of employment, Proter $Gamble has terms of employments. They are explained in the employment contract. They define the relationship between the Proter $Gamble and the employee and give rights of either party.

The terms defined are; wages and enumerations, contract terms and conditions like expected outcome, benefits accruing to the employee, retirement, individual target, suspension from service and dismissal.


Proter $Gamble, employment contract should be discussed with the employee. Both should ensure that they understand the implications of every clause. It should not be left to the employee to read the terms alone (Swamson, 2009).

Psychometric and skill testing

In the recruitment process, testing the capabilities of a potential employee is important; this is done by psychometric and skill testing. They test the inner self of an individual like attitude, personality and intelligence among others. When Proter $Gamble human resource department understands the kind of a person they are recruiting, they are able to blend their teams to attain harmony and creativity in the teams. These tests include aptitude tests, personality test and problem solving tests.


When developing the tests to be undertaken by an employee, the employer should make them according to the position that the employee will fill. They should be of good standard, reliable and responsive to the position advertised. In Proter $Gamble has a number of departments, to ensure that it has tapped appropriate staffs, it should ensure that each departmental head participates in this process and advises recruiting team on the attributes that they want (Renckly & Renckly, 2003).


Different countries have different legislations aimed at protecting the rights of employee and his employer. They define the relationship between them. on the other hand there are administrative legislations maintained by individual employer but be in line with the national legislations. Proter $Gamble has a recruitment process that aims at developing a rich team in expertise.

After initial interviewing, an employee is employed on probationary term. In the recruitment process, human resources department should put measures to ensure that they get the right employee for the right job. Some services can be outsourced and others internally managed. Getting the right employee for the right job increases motivation and efficiency in the organization.


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