Human GrowthHormone (HGH) also known as somatotropin is a bodybuilding or anabolic hormonethat is produced by the Pituitary gland in the human brain. It is a proteinthat regulates growth in children and adolescences. Along with causing anincrease in height by increasing the bone growth in the body, it strengthensthe bones and leads to an increase in the body muscle mass and the bodyimmunity and a decrease in body fat. The absenceof Growth Hormone in the body may lead to short height and delayed puberty inchildren and decrease bone density and muscle mass, depression, low energy,weight gain, hair loss, decreased libido and skin wrinkling in adults.

The bodyaging process has been attributed to a decrease in the quantity of the GrowthHormone as we grow older. It is at its peak during adolescence and startsdecreasing beyond the twenties leading to the effects of aging such aswrinkling of skin, thinning of hair, a decrease of muscle mass and weakening ofthe bones.There are avariety of Growth Hormone Supplements available in the markets. They consist ofGrowth Hormone injections (Somatropin), Growth Hormone Releasing Hormoneinjections (Sermorelin), Homeopathic Sprays and Growth Hormone Releasers inform of pills, tablets and powdered products.

GrowthHormone Injections, also known as Somatropin, consist of synthetically madeGrowth hormone that can only be prescribed by a medical practitioner in the U.Sand is very expensive. According to the US Law, Growth Hormone injections canonly be prescribed for Growth Hormone deficiency, AIDs-related muscle wastingdisease and Short Bowel Syndrome.

Along with the high cost and unavailabilityfor the non-medical related uses, they have a number of side effects includingbut not limited to nausea, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, weight gain, andfatigue. GrowthHormone Releasing Hormone is a naturally produced hormone in the human body. Itincreases the production of the Growth Hormone from the pituitary in the brain.Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone injections or Sermorelin, consist of asynthetically made hormone that is identical in structure and function to thatof the naturally produced hormone in the human body. It has fewer side effectsthan Growth Hormone injections but it is much more expensive and it alsorequires a medical prescription to buy it.

Homeopathichuman Growth Hormone Sprays are also available in the market and are FDAapproved. They are substantially cheaper than the above-mentioned injectionsand consists of fewer side effects and similar benefits without having toinject twice daily. They also do not require a prescription for their use. Onthe other hand, there have been claims to there’s ineffectiveness by patientsand doctors, and researchers have also failed to produce positive results sincehuman Growth Hormone is unable to cross into the blood through the nasalmucosa. Associated with that, there have been many scams with fake productsthat claim to contain Growth Hormone but have only protein and vitaminsinstead.The mostimportant, inexpensive and effective Growth Hormone Supplement that isavailable without a medical prescription is Growth Hormone Releasers. Releasersdiffer from the other human Growth Hormone supplements because unlike the othersupplements products they neither contain Growth Hormone nor Growth HormoneReleasing Hormone (GHRH). Instead, it stimulates the Pituitary gland tonaturally produce Hormone.

GrowthHormone Releasers are the safest form of human growth hormone supplement, asunlike the other supplements they do not cause an excess of Growth Hormone inthe bloodstream, leading to toxic levels which can occur with the overdosing ofGrowth Hormone Injections, leading to Liver damage, joint pains, heart problemsand excessive enlargement of the bones (Acromegaly). With the cost of GrowthHormones running toward thousands of dollars, Hormone Releasers are a verycheap solution for non-medical benefits. HormoneReleasers consist of natural amino acids, proteins, vitamins and herbs that arelabeled as dietary supplements by the US FDA. Amino Acids are the buildingblocks of the human body and are considered as safe and vitamins are necessaryfor the optimal function of the body. Through research, some of the dietaryproteins, vitamins, and amino acids have been linked to the increased releaseof Growth Hormone, weight loss, and anti-aging properties and are used in theformation of the Growth Hormone Releasers.

The most commonly used ingredientsare Arginine and its analogs, Glutamine, Ornithine, Glycine, Lysine, L-Dopa,GABA, L-Ornithine and Alpha-GPC to name a few. The mostimportant benefit of Growth Hormone Releaser’s use is that no foreign productand harmful substance will enter the body since it contains only the contentsof our normal diet which are necessary for the optimum body functioning. Theyare also legally available and do not contain steroids, whose excessive intakehas been linked to a number of side effects. It is also very inexpensive andeasily available with no risk of overdosing and potentially harmful sideeffects. Some of the Releaser available in the market is GenF20 Plus, HGHEnergizer, GenFX, Reaction GH etc.Due to theexcessive benefits and minimal side effects of Releaser, there are hundreds ofGrowth Hormone releasers available on the market with very few showing thepromised effects. Some are only mildly effective with high costs, some onlyshow temporary effects while the others are pure scams run for profits, whichmakes it difficult to find an original, effective, natural product with minimumto no side effects.

Through hundreds of internet searches, product markets, andcustomer reviews the one product that lived up to it’s the promised potentialand effectiveness is GenF20 Plus.GenF20 Plushas been rated as the most effective and safe product available in the market anumber of times, making it a favorite among the customers. It has aneffectiveness of up to 98% if used correctly. It constitutes of only FDAapproved ingredients and is made in FDA approved institutions only. It isavailable in pill form as well as in a spray, giving the customers the choiceaccording to their preferences and to double the effectiveness and the resultsthe customers can use both at the same time. It shows the same effectiveness asthe Human Growth Hormones, without the added costs or the associated potentialside effects.The mostimportant benefits that have been proven as well as confirmed by the customersand include anti-aging properties.

GenF20 Plus has been proven to decrease wrinkles,aging spots and make the skin firmer and smoother. The other benefits includean increase in the lean muscle mass and a decrease in the body fat leading toweight loss. It has also shown an increase in the physical stamina, increasedhair growth and a decrease in the hair loss, renewed sexual drive and increasedbone strength and density. There has been an increase in the effectiveness ofexercise due to an increase in the body metabolism.To reach aneffective conclusion and decided upon the type of Growth Hormone supplement touse we have to consider the potential effect that we require.

For a medicalcondition, such as an absolute deficiency or a decrease in the production ofGrowth Hormone we need to consult a licensed medical practitioner, an endocrinologistand with him discuss the best form of Growth hormone supplements and the dailydose required by our body’s needs. The supplements most commonly prescribed formedical conditions are Growth Hormone Injections or Somatropin. The otheroption available is Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone injections, available inthe market with the generic name of Sermorelin, though its efficacy and safetyhave yet to be proven.Fornon-medical benefits, use of Growth Hormone injections is illegal as well asextremely dangerous since under medical supervision the daily requirement ofthe Growth Hormone is calculated according to the age and physical requirementof the individual and without a medically supervised dose, a person is liableto overdose leading to cosmetic, physical as well as life-threateningconsequences.To get thebest of Growth Hormone benefits through legal channels and without the sideeffects the best method is the use of Growth Hormone Releasers. They themselvesdo not contain Growth Hormone, therefore protecting against the chances ofoverdosing, but instead contain harmless biological dietary supplements thatare required for optimum body functioning.

They can use by those who want toreverse the effects of aging and look younger, as well as by those who want tolose weight and increase their muscle mass and get the most from the exercisewithout the harmful effects of steroids. They start showing benefits after aminimum of three weeks use and the maximum effects can be seen after two to threemonths.To get themaximum benefits, one has to choose the best and the most effective GrowthHormone releaser since hundreds are present on the market with little promiseand poor results. Among all the products present in the market GenF20 andGenF20 Plus shows the most potential with its immediate results, long-termeffects, and absence of harmful effects. The time it takes to show beneficialresults varies from individual to individual and therefore there might be adelay ranging from immediate benefits to a few weeks delay with 100% provenresults.


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