sg/naturigin/Keywords: NATURIGIN, buy NATURIGIN, NATURIGIN Singapore, NATURIGIN hair colour price, NATURIGIN hair colour onlineColour your world with NATURIGINThere are a million ways to stand out in the crowd. Some people focus on their attire to do so, others take care of their makeup. But the easiest and most trusted way to look different, in terms of fashion, is your hairstyle. It is your hair which gives you a subtle or a bold look, and makes all the difference in your personality. Youngsters usually shy away from experimenting with their hair, obviously due to the poor quality and harmful chemicals used in dyes, serums and colours nowadays.

NATURIGIN is one company which firmly believes that health should not be the cost for looking good, and so they have come up with a beautiful range of hair colours with no added harmful chemicals.You need not to be concerned when you colour your hair, as their products are of very good quality and comply with all health and safety standards. The company produces excellent quality beauty products with certified natural ingredients. You can buy NATURIGIN online at Lazada and avail many offers. They also produce the ultra-protective all-day hairspray and ultra- volumising refresh dry shampoo which use certified organic argan oil and vitamin E. These are 100% free of harmful chemicals and help to give strength as well as nourishment to your tresses.

NATURIGIN variants available in SingaporeThe brand offers you 19 different natural and permanent hair colour options which include various shades of blonde, red, brown, burgundy, ebony and black. They are supposed to have the least PPD levels as compared to other vendors in the market which are three to six times higher. They also offer the best hair-care solution – a natural and organic shampoo and conditioner which was also a nominee for sustainable luxury awards in ELUXE magazine. The shampoo contains very mild organic extracts and oils which add shine to your coloured hair and restore softness. The conditioner has Hydrolyzed Silk Protein which gives silkiness and lightness to your hair. All the products are manufactured using organic extracts and natural oils.

These products are absolutely safe to use as they are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens. And in spite of such ingredients the NATURIGIN hair colour price is very reasonable. NATURIGIN hair colour is available online on Lazada.

This website offers free nationwide shipping and free 14 days return policy on all products, to provide its customers with the best shopping experience.Why choose this brand?• It was founded by a couple in 2004 who are experts in cosmetic regulations and laws, and also have expertise in product innovation in a company owned by their family.• They completely comply to all the federal safety regulations in Denmark and Europe, which are the strictest cosmetic safety regulation in the world.• Their sole motive is to build a better lifestyle for all their consumers, without compromising on their health.• You can choose from a lot of subtle as well as vi colours.


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