How do youoptimize simplicity? How do you move from reactive to creative? One idea is todo your creative work FIRST thing in the morning. Don’t do emails first. That’sreactive work. Eliminate thevolume of information. A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention.

Consider that your attention is one of the most valuable assets youhave…resulting in and making space for happiness and flourishing. Author WinifredGallagher suggests that our brains construct our worldview based on what we pay attention to. Based on research,he suggests that, “who you are, what youthink, feel, and do, what you love – is the sum of what you focus on.” Yourworld or your life is the outcome of what you pay attention to. Themost effective individuals are the ones who aptly focus their attention.  Consider for amoment the type of mental world assembled when you commit significant time tofocused endeavors. Bottom line: Bewilling to be bored. What that means is that we don’t need to take out the smartphoneand peruse it every few seconds and minutes of the day.

Be okay with NOT havingconstant information. Starve the desire for constant stimulation anddistraction. Embrace idle time. Constantly vyingfor information and stimulation is like BF Skinner’s rat test. For example:random reinforcement and anticipation of email. We have been compulsivelytrained to look and push for email and social media (e.

g., Twitter, Facebook,etc.) updates. Again, a wealthof information leads to a poverty of attention. Focus on thefundamentals. Execute and iterate the fundamentals. World-class performers areless about complexity and more about optimizing simplicity.  The secret togenius is optimizing simplicity.

If not, we become addicted todistraction.  We try to maximize allthese great opportunities and are then average at many things.   UniversityCollege of London found in their research that it takes 21 days to instill anew habit…but it takes 66 days to reach it automatically. We must stickwith new habits and routines.   Most change istough at the beginning, messy in the middle, and magnificent at the end.  If a new habit or routine isn’t hard andmessy at the beginning, then it is not real change.  Clarity breeds mastery Get clarityaround what you want in your life. Clarity breeds mastery.

Vague visions leadto vague executions. Most people spend more time on vacation planning than theydo on planning their life.   Look morebroadly at your life, not just at the habits and routines, and see how tooptimize simplicity in your life. Also look at the big rocks and where you wantto make the biggest accomplishments.



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